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Someone left the candle burning
And the Jack-O-Lantern grinned
As the flames licked past it's face
The tiny structure burst into a
Raging inferno
Oh jack-o-lantern man 
We will see who's laughing then 
Someday when push comes to shove 
We will see who's laughing then 
Oh jack-o-lantern man
So the squealers would mistake him for his Pa now
And the very same day his dad was copped for the dirty deed

Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern
Threw jack-o-lanterns off the edge
Into the dark
And waited for dogs to bark
Ape Hanger
We're gonna ride right off
to rescue me
They're stalking me, hiding in mirrors like flesh jack-o-lanterns.
It's a tease, it's a shock, they shriek,
"The Redcoats are coming!" like
and brimstone, this Jack-O-Lantern
He likes to watch the buildings burn

His ardor smoulders, phosphorous flies
He radiates with urgency, hypnotize
I would like to lie here, 
timing all my days 

Move past my window, 
sunshine is shimmering 
jack-o-lanterns glimmering, 
giant moths are
Evening (evening was born)

Jack-O-lanterns in a row
The corn reaped, in the fields
A spirit entered into life
A change, upon this world

You come around to the autumn carnival
It's glowing like a jack-o-lantern on the hill
You should be younger now than you were then
Trading silver
by candle light
And fire in their eyes
Couldrons bubble over-filled
Grinning Jack-O-Lanterns
On this night of nights
Leather bat wings
Slicing through
And your eyes look like 2 jack o' lantern holes
You've got a Nazi for a grandma
And a braid behind your neck
You've got away
You got away
a jack-o-lantern moon in the midnight sky
Somebody gonna live, somebody gonna die
But down in the graveyard on that old tombstone
There's a big black crow
Midnight: now I get to turn into the pumpkin 
I tried to dress as a man for a while. 
Jack-knife: with a little cut, this Jack-o-lantern 
like jack-o-lantern light.
She was breathing smoke rings like little lassoes.
He was bobbing like a bird on the edge of his glass.

Far below
to hide

the light is getting dimmer
In your jack o'lantern eyes
Your life has been a total waste
And you don't know why
The legend of sleepy hollow
the schoolgirl that used to be meâ?¦.

Ah, the apple trees,
Where at garden teas,
Jack-o-lanterns swung:
Fashions of the day,
Vests of applique,
in constant glory
Will it be my guiding star
On the floatbridge to forever
I can go on so far
This alluring jack o' lantern
And the relics of the past
Up near the border where the cruel white water
Drowns vagabond who sleeps too low
Me and my companion, famous Jack O'Lanterns
Tracked the misty
is the schoolgirl that used to be me.

Ah, the apple trees,
Where at garden teas,
Jack-o-lanterns swung:
Fashions of the day,
Vests of applique,
the schoolgirl that used to be me

Ah, the apple trees,
Where at garden teas,
Jack-o-lanterns swung:
Fashions of the day,
Vests of applique,
You sent a Jack O'Lantern over to my house
To charm me from my kill
I've crosses far too much to bear
But, you said you will

Now, you look
That's a jack-o-lantern moon
Don't look in the mirror
Or he'll look back at you

Ruthie take a shower
I smell like a flower
Your cats smell better
the kid is clever
Stompin' in jack-o-lantern's weather
Backpack strapped 'cause the world is cold
Headphones pumpin' don't ya know
The kid is smart
the jack-o-lanterns in July
Setting fire to the sky 
Here, here comes the rising tide
So come on
Put on your war paint
Cross walks and crossed hearts
Gonna kill and maim today
Don't step in my wayâ?¦

Jack-O-Lantern sneers and it's gleaming,
A homicidal desire that needs its feeding.

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