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knows my name

I'm on the road like Jack, Jack Kerouac
Like Jack, Jack Kerouac
Like Jack, Jack Kerouac
Like Jack, Jack Kerouac
Like Jack, Jack
Mama's apron strangling... 

Young Jack Kerouac running up and down the football track 
Are you an angel now? 
Strong Jack Kerouac, once you're gone
Poor Jack Kerouac
Riding with his paperback Camus
In the pocket of his army fatigues
It's kind of hard to spend your time
Keeping cans of soup in
Jack kerouac took old highway 6
Traveled across the great divide
Wrote books and poems as he rambled
Confessions that he couldn't hide

a flapjack
A stack, a rack, a six-pack Jack
Just call me Jack Kerouac
Click-clack open up the hatchback
I could eat a Bubble car or a packamack
to stand on your own
Don't admit defeat

40 days at sea
Then she turned and said to me
"If we make it back
I'll renounce Jack Kerouac
And all of that
and the Shadows played FBI
And tired young sax-players sold their instruments of torture 
Sat in the station,  sharing wet dreams of Charlie Parker,
uh, Jack Kerouac  James Dean, Dean
They're super cool
Mickey, c'est l'homme

Jim Morrison, Jack Nicholson
Add a bloody pail of nitro and you got Mickey
Hey Jack Kerouac, I think of your mother 
and the tears she cried, she cried for none other 
than her little boy lost in our little world that
Did you never let Jack Kerouac wash over you in waves?

Sibella, we don't make sense together
But my heart's with you
Sibella, I found myself
Before you could say Jack Kerouac you'd turn your back and I'd be gone 
Yeah nowadays I got me two good wheels and I seek refuge in aluminum and steel
You can bet I'll be driving when out comes the light.
I've been on the road so long that I'm gonna crack,
I've been "On the road" longer than Jack
Before you could say Jack Kerouac you'd turn your back and I'd be gone 
Yeah nowadays I got me two good wheels and I seek refuge in aluminum and steel
in the air wanted out of there
Heading my own road
Well I hitched a ride with this beatnik guy
Said looks like you read me
My name is Jack Kerouac
Roll and Big Bill Broonzy
And "Really The Blues" by "Mezz" Mezzrow
And "Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac
Over and over again
And voices echoing late
an assault to my mind's ear

Yeah it might have started back with Jack Kerouac
Probably more than likely it was Maynard G. Krebs
It's the four letter word
It's all for you, oh
You've got me, oh, you've got me

Jack Kerouac
On the road and in my head
I need relevance
A new tattoo
Out on a quest for the trail of jack kerouac
Silos, scarecrows, american machine,
Rev up your engines you're as fast as a train
Oh my lord, look
long and flowin'
A river of zen down her back
We had spaghetti with Ferlinghetti
And wine with Jack Kerouac
Things were real cool
One day I came
since Manson." [Kid #2:] "Yeah, but, uh, they're way cooler."
[London Boy:] "It's like all the great figures from the States. Elvis, uh, Jack Kerouac
Wiley's guide to the galaxy 
Jack Kerouac's jumping' on ecstasy chugging down the central line 
Elvis and the hullabaloo, truck got busted just an hour
Ancient Egypt pharaoh rap staring Jack Kerouac
I have a ton of cattle dung, this shit I sadly have become
Ashin' blunts until I'm only left with half a lung
Marianne Faithfull et des jolies dents qui claquent
Enroulée dans l'anorak de Jack Kerouac
Katmandou et la mort à bas prix
Et les limousines hors de prix
you run

Jamie's from the last great breed of roadmen
Woody, Jack, and Kerouac and such
But here was a woman he would die for
Beauty no road could
fake sucker
You slipped your slack, you cock me and you're wack
While I'm reading "On The Road" by my man Jack Kerouac
Poetry in motion, coconut lotion