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A Jabber who? 
A Jabber Jabber what?
A Jabber Jabber Jabberwocky

A Jabber who? 
A Jabber Jabber what?
A Jabber Jabber Jabberwocky

Twas brillig,
changing your mind
(Mind, mind, mind)

I see what's at the ending of the rat trap
Lady Jabberwocky's eatin' bed bugs
The rabbit dug a hole straight
Whatchu thinking now?
The world is so strange
What's everybody saying?
Is everybody crazy?

turn Rip Van
in the poppy fields of N.Y.'s orchestrated brick gauntlet
Now I'm thinkin who am I Jabberwocky Superfly bent left
Pushin war without
hail, wind, ice, sleet, snow? (Hell no!)
I'm balanced, personified phantom to the bone
Walkin like a Jabberwocky
Scalpin' a pair of one-way tickets

Excuse me, does anyone have the time?


If you knew what makes me tick
It'll probably make you sick
Lay my days
The reason is the hold
The walls, the windows, they got eyes, they got ears
The jabberwocky, the test of the manhood
We got the grandfather clock
We gotta have
they let me go  Will they let me go  Equilibrium imbalanced again  I feel no pain  I feel no...  I feel no pain  The Jabberwocky haunts me, in my memory
Jabberwocky made of sound
Had a piss cup poured on his arm
Up above
There's a piss cup
Held from my arm
Better still
Ad hem
Ad hem
Da da da
I'm right there and I'm not scared
Of lions and tigers and bears
Whoa, oh, whoa

A wolf or a fox, please
A big jabberwocky
You just gotta

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