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qui me dérègle
J'ai la mémoire qui me rappelle que je suis en vie oh
La musique se propage, fait le buzz
Piratée par tous les hackers
I saw the man at J.F.K.
He took your ticket yesterday
In the humdrum

I ride tandem with a random
Things don't run the way I planned them
I saw the man at J.F.K.
He took your ticket yesterday
In the humdrum

I ride tandem with a random
Things don't run the way I planned them
Laissez passer les résidents d'en ville
Chez nous on te ? vite
C'est le rappeur, hacker, habta, ma gueule
Centre ville sont sur le pendentif
I saw the man at J.F.K.
He took your ticket yesterday
In the humdrum

I ride tandem with a random
Things don't run the way I planned them
J'fais des strike, comme si je jouais au bowling
Je suis venu hacker le web comme Sluggy
J'ai rallumé la pièce comme une bougie
Et les trois-quarts du
Or a white man on a black horse
It's got all these tired parts where
We don't even sing at random
Princess, raise the drawbridge
We don't serve your kind
Random shots, you talk in hate
Apathy in your brain
Aggression all so vain

Lose your cool and innovate
Blind man's heroin they sell
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes I'll teach you how to jerk
Teach you how to jerk
Swaggin' in my J's
Pop me a pill and throw that pussy
[Random talking in the background]

Woman talking: We not going to JC Penney's, we not going to Macy's either

Shopping bags they weigh
il braquera une banque
Donne une banque à un Homme et il braquera le monde
Je fais crier la gomme sur les murs d'Matignon
En attendant de hacker
Gremo, sei cimette, 14 al grammo
Un paio di tette tra i pollici e il palmo
Droghe sigarette e narcotici random
6 bottiglie vuote sembra che sto
ain't non-smoker inhale a chestful
When I forget about what I gotta do today
Case of a random rap CD used as a doobie trey
Hit the end of the L and tap
like Shuggie
Oh my God, just look at me
Grandpa been rappin' since '83
I'm supersonic like J.J. Fad
Got crazy-ass shit pullin' out the bag
Don't forget
loose we crack our spines
Fowards left back
Get on them nuts like janet jack
Get on the flow let em know you nasty
Make it happen shift (random shit)
will distract
Your attention away, from the rest who say
They can mess with Cool J the best of to-day
And best 'cause the rhymes are so funky fresh
Ehi no, mica sono J. Fox
Non ho desideri, ho fatto tardi anche per quelli ho perso il treno

Bueno, schivo tutti i fossi, ma salto con i dossi
you trace a scatter plot?
Give the pencil to Michael J Fox

Take the approximate moral proportion
Of the probable problem of a pro-life abortion
lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids 

That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics 

Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access 

Havin half
de sperme sur leggings

Dans l'Rap Game y'a que des salopes
La vie d'ma mère, y'a que des salopes
Donc j'sors mon gun, j'baisse mon fut'
Cause, my last request was
Let my homies smoke my ashes and catch a Violent J buzz
One more thing before you hit that switch
Please tell my
We ain't got time to go see doctors, J
(Who said money?)
Hop up in my bed full of forty bitches and yawnin'
Hey, this a show bitch you performin'
Lord, lord have mercy
All nice and peace and true, follow me now, we say
Say Hi-Tek yes you're ruling hip-hop
Say J. Rawls yes you're ruling
[W Ballz D.J.]
Oh y'all just want to do with out the beat
Uh well fuck it we gon' do it like this
On radio station mother fucking 187.4 bitch
thunder and rain
Fuck America

This that indigo anthem
Fly like passports, no randoms
Searchin' for that purpose, merge with
A little bit of piece of mind

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