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Gonna take the bodies inside
Betty Lou will bring the sawdust
And I've got the formaldehyde

I'm callin' up my neighbors
Tell 'em all to drop by
a knife
John was weak and his wife was too her name was Kate and she fell in too
She let Big Jim do what he had to do and John stood by and his life was
by everyone

In the saloon one evening Big took a bet with a rancher whose name I forget
He wanted a herd taken over the plain
He called Jim
You can follow me, to the promised land.

I've got guns, I've got dynamite
CNN is my satellite
You'd better not, come inside
'Cause no one here is
died for you and me
I met them both in Dixieland

'Cause I’ve got Jesus and Bocephus
They both help me to live my life
I went from Jim Beam, to my bible
Uptown Got Its Hustlers, the Bow'ry Got Its Bums
Forty Second Street Got Big Jim Walker
He's A Pool Shootin' Son Of A Gun
Yeah He's Big & Dumb
Croce  but not my name today

If it’s something you don’t want to hear, then keep your hands upon your ears
Remember though that there will come a time
(Jim Owen)
« © '74 Sixteen Stars Music, BMI »

(I've got a woman to lean on)
I've seen times there was no way the sun
know I got no job".
She said "I tell you what honey...let's find a place to rob".
Now the man at the station's name was Jim...I saw it sewed on his
the street and got hit by an ambulance and left for dead, but he wasn't dead yet, he was just lying in the curb, and pigeons came along and ate his eyes,
then again it hit me
I've got Jim and Jack and Hank

Take your string bikinis, your apple martinis
Take what’s left there in the bank
Take your flat iron
"I know I've seen that face before," Big Jim was thinkin' to himself
"Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up on somebody's shelf"
But then the crowd
I grabbed her by the hair it came off in my hand
And that beautiful girl was just a beautiful man
And old Jim just got sick right there on the floor
into space over at the Jack of Hearts

Well, I know I've seen that face somewhere
Big Jim was thinkin' to himself
Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up
Jim said yeah 'cause we got time to kill
We kept on rolling and I seen this spot
And we pulled into the parking lot
Of this place called the Cloud
And your Blue Duck's no longer alive

You took Jim Reed to your warm wedding bed
And from out of your love was born the boy, Ed
A pal killed Jim Reed by
Jim Reed by the dark of the moon
And your son Ed was blowed down in a drunken saloon

Then there was Bob Younger, you loved him so well
He rode with
picture book and a list of names 
One by one the witnesses came 
And they told him what he wanted to know 
Justice in Ontario 
The provincial cops
his picture book and a list of names 
One by one the witnesses came 
And they told him what he wanted to know 
Justice in Ontario 

The provincial

Well the Gulf it got a grassy bottom settin' where the rock is there
And that's where I've been goin' for the shrimpin' sailin'
'Til it's time
(Jim Armenti)

I've been called every bad name, some I can't name
By judges and lawyers and folks I never met
But my mother she called me Walker
be too rough on my cold, cold heart
It's all I've got left to me now
I fell out of favour with heaven somewhere
And I'm here for the hell of it now
by name.
Pay good money to hear fire and rain again 
And again and again.
Some are like summer coming back every year,
Got your baby, got your
a turtle dove
And I've had these blues for just the longest time
It's just some boy on this poor girl's mind

I got the morning blues
Hurt so bad
Honey come
By jim carroll and steve linsley

You're passing,
I hear your shadow through the door
It's outlined on my shade
Like a map of some foreign shore
If I

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