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it reigns
As first and last unstained

A biblical sign at the end of time
Moon shines red
Nowhere to run there is nowhere to hide
of a black planet
20 years of blood sweat and no tears for fanatics

So damn it
If times is hard
Time is god
Understand it
Never took time for granted
Its all
slowly for the
Time to be set free

Are they guardians...
... Gods of higher?
With these eyes I see
What I should believe

Mortality is endless when gods start to pray
Life becomes worthless by nuclear death
The're watching from above it could happen every daywatching their
Procession by virtue of war, blood stained hands
This fall of creation

Sound this requiem as we ascend, unholy battle until the end
Burning hatred for
Surrounded by the angels of God
Step to the realm where evil reigns
We are soldiers prepared for war
With the power to speak his name
Satan with his legion
It cannot be seen
But there's blood on the green
Only god knows I'm innocent
Take me, take me home
A dark seed reigns in me
Like the storm rules
of god,
Berate the mighty alter,
Rebuke infernally,
The reign of power to it's knees
Free will of destiny,
Is ours within our reach,
The hour will be
of the Gods...") 
([THE TYRANT KING:] "I close my eyes to leave this world of carnage... it is time to return to the Hall of Kings...") 
(The Journey's at an end.
Out in the dunes, far and wide
Where desert wind stir up the sand
Long ago in ancient time
Ruled Pharaoh's hand
A king and a god to all mortal men
reign will be fed with the weak's fears
It will be a stone temple and will refuse the light
Write all this in the stones and hand it down by the force
Oh, what an age to reign
Blasting flames in the sky
Waiting for that moment
Journey to the other side

The curse of men has become our fate
It brought
It has begun

For far too long we have accepted their ways
The time has come for us to retaliate

Prey upon the worthless
Erase them from
crosses for the breed of Cain
That throughout time in blood will reign

Three crosses for the abomination from Nod
Who so fiercely drank his brothers
of god

Three crosses for the breed of Cain
That throughout time in blood will reign

Three crosses for the abomination from Nod
Who so fiercely
souls domain

Plead for mercy
To your gods now pray
For in this place
You now shall stay
No way out
Tripped within
This reign of terror
Shall now
bargains we have made
Allies with the darkened souls
Our legions we must save
Fight for our eternal quest
God can't save you in time
Evil stalks
in through the gates of denial
Screaming and begging for god, belong to Satan now
Chained in torment, till the end of hell and heaven's reign

And oh, to leave them behind
And gold to trade for my life
Where we end up again
The gods of bad parties reign
Shoots by invasion lights
the very fibers of my being
As I slowly turned, a glorious radiance consumed my eyes
His silhouette was backdropped by the immense sea of glass

And for
drop noise when I let the sound blast
And tell Big Boy Andre about Jesus Christ the outcast
Here's the deal I feel it's now time to be Real
Christ died
mercy on our kind
For it's you we must seek and find
O God haven't you seen it all, Devastation and deaths call
It's cause and effect has come
This worlds
My Knife - Your Blood
Your Death - My Life

We'll call upon thee, who shall rule the earth
The time is right for Satanic Birth
We sacrifice in
would fuck wit Mista
they'd be lickin blackberry molasses out my asses
Jason who da fuck time ya wastin
I got no patience for little dick tastin
saying I've been trying to do it for a long long time
I get jealous when I see people do it and it's like fluid
I'm thinking
How can they swallow that