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I stack cream chickens attract like magnets
Plus brothers be open and only hit by fragments
Of platinum shrapnel I consume the whole room
[speaking in Spanish left untranslated]

Chewbacca's not here I'ma do it for your circumcised
niggaz don't realize my format is a palm spectrum
little nigga, what you smokin on?
Only 14, product of a broken home
Out late, tryin to tell me that you're makin your livin
Tryin to see how much weed
hands on me
It's always one that gotta test you out
Can't even dance without a nigga tryin' to stress you out, yeah

Fella, hit the dance
spiritual essence
And he goes by the name of, uh HOOD!

Check the vibe, walk that ass or get got
F it (shit) I lick buckshots
Hood, madman, I rip up
women cheat like men, only they better at it 
You kiss your girl on the cheek, thinkin she sweet 
She got a man to meet at least for every day