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The earthy heathlands roamed by esus
Questing condign sacrifice
A divine yearning hushed by the prodigy
Three cranes to wake up the slumbering taur
To warn
Rappers act tough and I call they little bluffs
And the truth comes out, you niggas ain't doing nothing
They huff and they puff and be acting all
captured yes I'm captured
There is nothing I can do
I can't back track there's no track back
I am yours heaven open it's doors
And as I wandered through
Can't feel nothing but your life flyin' by
You got trouble on your hands, trouble on your mind

Grandpa had him a wanderin' eye
He must a passed it
and I'm a die by that 
Dun I used to be the tunnel now we regular ?spress? 
Son it's strictly dom bitches never catch me with rats 
QB where I took my
are you to believe in another paradise than mine?

The Infant Prodigy, The Bearer of Light
Without me you would be nothing at all
The beginning
Hey, yeah
Haha, I had to put a time stamp on this, yeah
It's my birthday
And I'm feeling great
I feel great
Yeah, fuck it, I'm feeling great
you're gonna be just fine
We got all off track so I'm putting you back
Maybe you'll get it right next time

By the time I came back home
You were

Far away in another place
A fading beauty named Milly Grace
And a bamboo cane to help her keep the pace

Fee was a Buddhist prodigy
rap cloner
It's me and you do it live on stage for dolo
I smack niggas like you, smash niggas by the tools
Grab niggas by the throat, show 'n' prove
[Chorus: Prodigy]
Yeah, what more do why y'all want from us?
We spill our hearts out and it still ain't enough
Years we got crumbs, doing the supplying
the slack
Ain't nothing you can do about the dough that you lack
But beat it right back to the track, Jack

Choo choo, choo choo ch'boogie
Woo woo, woo
mobbin' deep as '96 Havoc and Prodigy did
We were the pottymouth posse crash the party and dip
With all belongings then toss em out to the audience
Sitting on the tracks, With the river rolling by, I got a lot of shit, Stuck on my mind, So I take it all out on my very best friend, You know it's
cried, Bill, Bill, Bill when are you coming back.
I cried in a stranger's arms standing there by the railroad tracks.
Oh, yes I did.

The day you left
this border town
If we make it out before sundown
Baby let's slide on over
Over to the other side of the tracks

I got nothing behind me
And save us by morning light
Only the horses
Can bring us back home

We can’t escape the basic facts
How cold it can get
There’s nothing
Yo put the kids to bed 
Yo Shawty, I know you ain't scared 

B2k and Nick Cannon
Track masters, the Pied Piper 

Got it all figured out inside of my head
There's a bag packed up at the foot of my bed
You say the word, baby I'm all set
Cover our tracks, tell
And on the block round the clock
Niggas ain't seen nothing
Yeah right
Never seen a brother more determined or eager
Moms and pops couldn't see it
Now we not gonna
sprayed by poetic machine gun
Acknowledge existence of a prodigy born son
Even the odds divide come up with the sum
And the remainder will be one
things are related, you see we're all intertwined
I'm sippin' wine by the fire where the love runs deep
Honor, truth, and respect will be the tracks that
the real big track
One by one, without heart attack, oh no
A type line just went slack
A type line just went slack
He's got a race car grin all smiling
his tracks, show him that I am Ruthless
Yo Dre, what's up
Boy you should have known by now: Eazy Duz It
(feat. Mobb Deep)

First of all we the one and only
Infamous and Mary Blige
Coming straight, ghetto poetry
And ain't nothing changed but

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