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a gentleman with a yen for love for a fee
Could always go to Nancy Ann's for some feminine company
Well one night in June in the billiard room was I chalking
But his tires were bald, and they went flat
So did our love and that was that.

Now I'm sittin' in the middle of nowhere by the side of the road
Dirty kay caras one
Here we go now

His name was Steve
With the broken specs
Quiet man with enough respect
We met at Nachos screamed the plate
a two-story house in East Palmdale
Give it to me now

Palmdale, come back to me
I need you and I love you, baby
Palmdale, come back to me

Check it out,
By Robin Williamson

Scotland O where I was born
And happy I have been
It is days come months come long years
Since my home I have seen
All over
one day in the studio is when I got the call
Man it was o' nine when I lost my dawg
And still to this day the tears continue to fall
I love my nigga,
I might have to pour myself 
Another little moonshine... 
Here we go: 

It was a sweet and frosty May, 
In the town of Thunder Bay, 
When Dale
Stroke that nigga like a zig zag rolled cigarette,
And I do it to get my dick wet
Brain grain rotten, I was a 12 year old gettin' raped by my
to this song, you're taking the shit too serious, It's hip hop man, its fucking fun. 

I love eatin cereal when I'm watchin my cartoons, 
I love Fruity
[Chino XL]
Puerto Rican superhero!
Yo, XL eternal my journal, Sojourner, Nat Turner
Cop murdered by the certain burner turned in the back of his sternum
losing his voice and no...(activator 
spraying sound) 
To make my hair look moist 
Just a sack of pommel that I got from John Dale 
'cause this is how

A tan and brown briefcase, seven feet tall, is lowered in. francesco watches it land near his window. he exits the bungalow with a can of crisco