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arrived, I found that I couldn't quite tell them

It's not very far from tears to mirth
There are not many moments that will capture your breath
Strapped down
Harry felt pretty good
Knock knock
Knock knock is anybody there?

Room 17 was nice and cool, oh yeah
But it didn't have the string that
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

One more night alone
There's got to be another way
My love is so strong
Why must we be so far away
Theses feelings inside
It’s midnight in the metropolis
Winter is coming
Harry’s in the hallway
Counting out his money
Leon’s in the kitchen
Sharpening knives
Napoleon murphy brock (vocals)
Bob harris (vocals)
Johnny "guitar" watson (vocals)

Harry: (to thing-fish)
Anything you say, master! take me, I'm yours!
A hundred years and many a tear tells the story of Harry Power
Took Ned Kelly when he was a lad and just a wild flower
Taught him how to rob taught
to drugs and stealing
Some junkie killed 'em both
For two dime-bags they were dealing
And sitting home alone
Disgusted by it all
She blew the sole
swimming pools
I've been working on a hybrid fertilizer
I hear it makes the lettuce big
I could get some cash down at harry's pawn shop
And you could get
to the shore
It was in his blood and in his bones

Ignored by all the trendy boys in London and in Leeds
He might as well have been making toys or strings
down by my side
Take my overcoat
When will we get out
Maybe we will soon
Some of us losing it
Some of us breaking down
Some of us speaking out
By michael mcdonald/grady walker/harry garfield

If we could dream our lives away
That would be just fine
Without the cares and fears that prey
Mercury falling
I rise from my bed,
Collect my thoughts together
I have to hold my head
It seems that she's gone
And somehow I am pinned by
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

We fear for our lands, fear for our lives
Fear for the sake of the world
A terrorist strike unforgiving and rude
Mercury falling 
I rise from my bed  
Collect my thoughts together 
I have to hold my head 
It seems that she's gone 
And somehow I am pinned by
feels more like a rake
Torn curtain, how much does it take?
Burn it down
(Tears, tears)
Rolling back the years (years, years)
Holding back the tears
that he's none of my own. 

Now come all ye young men that's inclined to get married 
Take my advice and let the women alone. 
For by the Lord Harry
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

Neon lights are flashing as the tyrants raise their swords
Sounds of metal crashing the avenue overlords
Kings of black
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

All the years, fears and tears from the past
Lessons for all to learn
Clinging to life, how long will it all last?
As long
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

Throughout the ages war has brought forth change
A promise for our children's sake
Tyrants and their visions build us
Coogan and Chaplin
Made you laugh and then cry

Test your memory, my Dearie
Do you recall when Orville Wright flew at Kittyhawk
But take it from me I
Nellie Green met Harry Lee
At a masquerade the other night
He liked she and she liked he
Just a case of love at single sight
He took Nellie home
Once I dreamed that love would come and sweep me up away
Now it seems life's passed me by, I'm still alone today
Here come the tears

Looks like
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

Town clock echo splits the night,
The witching hour moves even closer to the brink of time that is at hand.
Sound of heels
a bar room floor a back beat band 
Play the kinda music I can understand 
Sweet sixteen take me by the hand just might tear it up. 
Tear it up hey I
at Kittyhawk
But take it from me I would rather walk

Dearie, life was cheery
In the good old days gone by
Do you remember

Uh huh!

Well if you

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