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the gloom
Faded hues issue forth and bloom

A bed of leaves for a lover
Awake with a kiss and rise asunder
And when the party's over
You retreat in a realm
Between a Pair of Wings which Issue Forth from the Back of a Monstrous Serpent.
Having Two Heads.
Having Two Necks and Whose Tail Terminates in a Human
between the flames and now
A wounded tribesman nears

His lifeblood issues forth
Into my "resting ground"
And occupying his vacant shell
I walk
The issue of its higher
Conscience, its fucking
Decriminalize, time at hand,
Bring forth the promised land
of time
We've said what had to be said
The issue's discussed already dead
We're clinging to something
What we don't know
It's about time we just let go
I issue dope out of my ho house
I count money and blow smoke out
I fuck groupies, I sell shows out
I lost niggas, I pour more out
Ain't your
job, good pay
But a long run in a rat race
Working overtime
In the grit and grime
I just can't wait to get back
To where the issue is

Who loves who more
50 Cent-
Next and 50
Next and 50
Next and 50
Next and 50

Yo, yo my imagination is more vivid than life
Playboy November issue page
and heat,
Radiant, kinetic, ooh the list is incomplete.
They're always changing back and forth
It's really quite a blur
oh, how could he?
back and forth (ooh)
And I'm the only one to take it all the more (ooh)
Stir it up, yeah, you already know (already know)
So let me do it (yeah)
bought you the ring
We were fighting back and forth like you were wearin' the thing
Two passionate people not afraid to say what they think
bought you the ring
We were fighting back and forth like you were wearin' the thing
Two passionate people not afraid to say what they think
of all this back and forth?
I wanna be with you
Got some issues, I'm not tryna diss you now
I ain't always right
Girl, I know nobody likes the taste
it's time to get rich
Keep in mind, never walk around block

I can't get all of you in it

All that back and forth gets me hot sometimes
Wanna see
Now I'm on the phone talkin' with you
Cause I'm drunk and I miss you
And I know we have issues
But I called to say "What's up" and "What you doin'?
No spousal trust, I was moving unconscious
I was talking with Jay and
Recruited a move that allotted me counsel
Back and forth without
Bitch I signed a major deal. multi million dollar conversations
You can't get a chair, four bundles in my head
Two bands on my feet
If you got a issue
why is you mad, acting like everything I do is bad)
It could be different
(You got some issues too, listen it ain't nothing we can't get through)
to dress for
And I've got no need to stress for 
And so I'll always put my best forth 
And count my blessings 

And they'll be no need for tissues
It's a light day
Ain't got on nothin' but $700 thousand worth
That's it
You know what I'm sayin'?

I was havin' trust issues
But I've been
Rob prostitutes, dodge cops in hot pursuit
Bought weight from rosters, travel hot routes
O.T. commute back and forth
Tell shorty get that
Jim Crow or the old one
People out here fightin' for equality and honestly I think they owed some
Back and forth some
Cleaver got a message for
given day
The adjective amazing, spelled with an 'A'
And a 'G' on the end, by usin, my pen
Set forth on a journey for the, perfect blend
Rhymin was
I ain't tryin' to win, I'll do some other shit
I respect you for that more than you'll ever know
I had issues with niggas, you told me, "Let it go"

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