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will you? I got the stuff with me, I think the cops saw me.
Chong: Who is it?
Cheech: Oh, what the hell is it...c'mon. Open up the door! It's Dave
Is it hard to wait?
Drawn by your mongrel heart again
If they don't answer, would you want to be found out?
You duck through the wind in your old
the guitar
The way Dave played was very individual
I'd been overwhelmed by all the culture
Art School prays the life I'd never really understand
I sat down
Dave I've always thought that you were touched by fate
It's never easy but why throw it away?
Maybe you were both chasing this
Flirt with death but
To the seat his limbs I bind
(Spinning wheel and metal shower)

Oh, I think it's so obscene
Killing Dave is what I mean

Killing Dave!
Twist the blade
[Dave Mustaine]
I think it's just another facade of my insanity personal experience
It's whats life like in our everyday world
There's a lot of stuff
It to Dave/what ever the trouble is/Bring it to Dave//So what you think about
That/a man ain't never told you that before/thats because I'm only one
Father of death and the save your of sin, losing their grip on mankind
Refuse to go and resistance is low, the time to say no has arrived
I'll always remember
I still carry such a flame

Come on, Dave
Show me what you got
I can take it

I'll always love you

Diamond Dave
And when it is fired, his mama told him 
"David, you'll follow it to your grave." 

Well, Trudy and Dave, those crazy kids 
Had a baby of their own,
The river Thames is cold 
It keeps on flowing on 
But it left Dave alone 
It just kept flowing on 

There's city sickness here 
But now he's dead
Alright, Chipmunks, but that time and here again
So let's sing about it the real predict
Ready, Simon?

Ready, Dave


Oh, boy
The phone rang, it was a call from Larry. "Hello, cock. Cock, it's time for
The third single". If this is a flop, if the third single doesn't make
mean to yell,
But I'm having quite a bad week
And I miss my mom."
And we drive
Dave steps on the gas
The world that's flying by is slick and smooth
It's that time
To send a gift
To those of us less fortunate

Alvin: Dave, if Christmas is so merry
Why did you say, it makes you uptight?
To be born and there it is
Embodied by a boy
His voice small and grey
Whispers smoke to the chosen

Upon our heads he places crowns
Sewn with
"Into Fire" is the result of JVC requesting a Heavy Metal song as a bonus track for the Japanese release of "The Kindness Of Strangers". Dave says of this
all the same to me
That specter they projected I will now pretend to be
Since their neurosis is what passes for normality
It's okay with me if I'm
The specter hovers above like a black cloud
Casting its shadow, an ominous shroud
[intro: A friend's voicemail to Dave]
Dave, whattup man?
It's me
Umm.. just callin to see, if possible, if you have any
Time today or within
[Riley] Big Dave, come in
[Big Dave] Yo, go 'head
[Riley] What's your twenty?
[Big Dave] I'm in front of the A room right now
[Riley] Ten four
no lies, dry my crying eyes.
Is your heart as cold as it seems? Why do you laugh at all of my broken dreams?
There goes another goodbye scene - by now
-if" scenarios 

But hey, to never dream is to have never lived at all 
Never lived at all 

Dave's a corporate lawyer in the city of Chicago 
And for
you cool
Better look out now though, Dave's got somethin' for you
Tell ya what it is

I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passin' by, oh my my
to sex you from your head to toes
Baby girl, here we go


It's 2 o'clock, the time is right
I'm in the mood, for love tonight