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I gotta do my thing to get the cheese again
You can't see me ya better believe it man

[Bow Wow]
Now I'm back for ya
To the Swizz track for ya
feel me nigga, sooner or later

Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) that's right (SNOOP!)
(Named Snoop) bow wow (SNOOP!) bow wow
Motherfucking dogg
[Bow Wow]
I'm that girl loving, car dubbing, rims scrubbing, teen
I've been bad to the bone, since I stepped on the scene
I've been club ready,
forward walks by us shy, caller, holler at me fool that's a cool sack but you can't loose black too fast straight from the ton and down the prove that but
dope party
That have you peeped in one hit
Of the key to mack, have you freaking
Straight game from the Chi-town
The fly town, stop fighting all you fat
Tell me, the game'll never fail me
Ask J or my lil' homie Shelby
Uh, I cut em' up like Marcus Welby
This is the dopest G, that you will ever see
Splash into some shit from the shitter
Super rhyme hitter, money gettin ass nigga
I figure that you ain't got the wits to match this
You're style is
bow-wow'd at
I complain about the game, I shout and I pout, it's a love-hate
But I found out that I can move a mountain of doubt
Even when you bitches are