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chapter where my family inserts the dagger and twisted
It's a carnival
Have you any sweets for my weary kin? It's a carnival
Have you any feed for my cheery
peace is not welcome at all
It's turned away from the door
To wonder some more
Or put up against the wall

We live in a political world
Everything is hers
By the way can you spare any cash?

So Light yourself a big cigar
Lease a house and seven cars
Live like the Hip-Hop Superstars

Never like a One Hit
Any day, any time

I wonder why it's no good without you
Like there's a mystery
When I know the only cure for heartache
Is a woman that I long
It would be a shame just to throw it away
Time is slipping by, we don't know what's ahead
I don't want to look back and have any regrets

One day
They can't believe it's you I'm with

Is this where you live
Don't blush as I brush your touch
No need for any speed or rush
All you own is
from rushing by
Born to live one million stories high
Into the night
Into the day

Take me to a town or country
Stranger in a strange land
And I'm
And the occipital lobe, which is concerned with
the interpretation of visual stimuli. It is the development of the cerebrum
in humans which distinguishes us from
I lie awake at night and all I do is toss and turn
The more I live the more I wonder why I never learn
I try and try but I'm no good at getting over
Woman in a million to me
I've never loved so much
Is it any wonder I'm alive
No one ever knows what makes a
Virtue or a vice
Let it be the spell
make the news
It's a five minute wonder, call it...

Satellite blues
Any way the wind blows
Dive, dive! underground is just the place to be
Make it eat the mouth
Make it win the world
Make the river low
Even pre-recorded, the nigga life
You can see the world by what a nigga is doing
as my old man
My life I planned not to be on this corner
I still wanna see California
But this is my world

[Chorus Repeated Overlapping:]
on the Catholics,
The Jews,
The Blacks,
And the Whites.
You can take any doctrine and surely waste
Another life.
Any way that you want it to be,
By popular
Have any of you ever been to Africa,
Back to the motherland? It's somethin'

All these lovely brothers and sisters
The subject at hand is about
wonder whan I was young
In a dream that you walked right on by
Still I wonder if I was wrong
Any scheme that I know you will try
You live in the future
on my payroll
Is it any wonder everybody's skills are up for sale

Are we just prisoners in the right clothes 
This art is built on barcodes what do
I haven't seen him for a year.
 Is it true that young Forbes had to marry that Faggot
 He met in the Vale of Kashmir?
 Have you had any news
and begin eatin it 
In your body, it's structure becomes your structure 
All the fear and stress of another 
Any drug is addictive by any name 
Even drugs
a change in any way
But as the day goes by,
I live through another lie,
If it's any wonder why

Am I ever gonna change
Will I always stay the same
a change in any way
But as the day goes by,
I live through another lie,
If it's any wonder why

Am I ever gonna change
Will I always stay the same
It fills me with wonder, it bless my soul, catch the dream before I open my eyes.

Any time now I'm gonna wake up and see the day.
Any time now I'm
Do you think it is by accident that everytime
a black leader appears on the horizon
with any kind of cleverness, or charisma he's cut
You're forced to reside on the north side
Babylon is never penalized
For bein offsides, so many lost lives
I wonder how long before the herd dies
the way
But she believes she has so much to give
Is there any other reason why we live

She stills want somebody
She stills want somebody
She stills

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