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living today.

To be honest I'm totally and
Irrevocably on his dick
and intractable
I abdicate with inexorable pleasantry
In this solemn refutation
This most earnest repudiation
I shall not negate
That which I state irrevocably
completely, absolutely, irrevocably, highly illogical.
that we spilt, or pulled up like weeds
Is piled up in back
And it burns irrevocably
(And we spoke up in turns
'Till the silence crept over me)
to say is "I love you" 
I love you
I maybe, possibly, probably, def'nately, irrevocably love you
And I'm very scared 'cause it's terrifying how wonderful
completely, absolutely, irrevocably, highly illogical.
than a human sculpture made of filth and disgrace. 

With one single though I can change the course of future aeons...irrevocably. 

And you still
Fore art reflecting deeming night
And shall reside in candlelight

Alive, come forth, thou art in yearning
Irrevocably their worth

And certain
You're in my arms
Times of pleasure return to reality
Your tears are dried
Die with me so irrevocably
I'm in your arms
Times of pleasure

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