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we'd control the stars
Raced to ruin
Sleeping irradiated hangars
On diesel-soaked earth

The satellites in grievous orbit still
Hegemony of cursed
Irradiated water, irradiated meat
I remember when the air tasted almost sweet

This creaky wooden ship
Is all we've got left
And if we meet another
Nobody's making me say this
I'm talking to you
Been travelling seventeen hours
Irradiated by signals, by images
Of viruses, of virtues
breath from irradiated lungs
And sigh as we exit times seven
A wink that comes from an irradiated eye

The plug, the site, the stream, the sound, the stretched inseam, the laser beam
The switch, the boot, the key,
All are equal before it! Aah!

Poisoned carcass! Irradiated, like the whole island!
It's not easy to break through, it might be tough!

what you feared- only you disappeared!  Fools, Fools, not yet SSages.  Wisdom Defecated.  Morals Irradiated.  Genetics Manipulated.  Life Simulated
relatively kind and flat
However it did not last long
Things changed very quickly in this endeavour
The first of many obstacles introduced
The irradiated parts
Cut, stoned
Fooled and bound

Seven and half billion lives
Many of them have to die

Pay for being
For whole life you giving
heads are irradiated
Contemplating true salvation
This planet cannot last
At least on Europa we can live again

Ha ha
The seedlings grow on Europa
band-aids on gaping wounds 

Mother Gaia poisoned, irradiated 
Mankind's hunger for profit never satiated 
Never forget 

Power is yours 

But in the end
irradiated dirt and soot
Where have the trees gone?
Where are the animals?
Everything artificial
Nothing is natural
The missiles are flying and our aim is true
Particles collision
Out of control reaction

Worldwide contamination
All kind of life irradiated
Sick infectious species
Grow in
Irradiated by
These lingering emotions 
If anything 
Could we take it back

Sometimes when I walk these halls 
I feel like I'm not alone
Irradiated passion
Love in the time of natural selection
Tensions lead to fallout, called out, right and wrong are words we've thrown out
We remember
the transition of power 								
The fixation takes hold 							
Irradiated to its effects 								
I'm just another unbearable lowlife							

The occupation will
Rise now into a irradiated sky 
I have come to pluck you from dark desire 
The sustenance of thy beating heart 
Is to sample with a discerning tongue
right at hand
Science for the Motherland



Fatally irradiated
Mutants crawling across the land 

All is lust
Motionless, I drift
Through these dirty endless feasts
Disdainful, distorted

Irradiated by a yellow eye
Set free from a forgotten hell
like a genetically modified irradiated Big Mac
is somehow symbolic of food.

Morality is legislated
prisons over-populated
religion is incorporated

Burnt! Irradiated.

Утробная мелодия вбивается в ваш мозг,
Соната и рапсодия, кровавый сколиоз.
Эволюция болота и мутация тех роз,
Что шипами режут
got them funk country blues

Raisin that rising salt
Toilin at that soil erosion
Irradiated by the sun
Like those moruroa maralinga nuclear explosions
Four times irradiated, prepared to death
when you thought it was safe to drink the water's
contaminated. Just when you thought it was safe to eat the food's
irradiated. Just when you thought it

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