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[originally performed by Iron Maiden]
the woods, of beaten path
Is the sight of the fire that
No maiden's eyes should have
Iron does as iron's told
And drinks of life's red gold
But shame
[Originally performed by Iron Maiden]
Unchain the colours before my eyes
Yesterday's sorrows
Tomorrow's white lies
Scan the horizon
The clouds
Decked out in blue, white, and red 
And iron maidens will slam 
And by the half light of burning republics 
Joe Stalin looks just like Uncle Sam
was walking
By Brisbane Waters I chance to stray
I heard a convict his fait bewhaling
As on the sunny riverbank he lay

I am a native of Erin,
and snuck
Vomit on the floor
Fifty ugly soldier men
Holdin' spears by the iron door
Stinks so bad, stones are chokin'
Weepin' greenish drops
In the den
(live) Album of Iron Maiden
It was a good day of Ice Cube
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Album of 4 NON BLONDES
Creep of RadioHead
Kiss This Album
walking around
Naked people having sex all over the ground
Britney Spears is making out with Christopher Walken
In the back yard Iron Maiden is rocking!
electric chair

He worshiped Satan
And liked Iron Maiden
And now he's in the cold cold ground
For more exciting
Staging and lighting
We waited till
Originally performed by Iron Maiden
You'll take my life but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through
So when you're
trampled, caught flashin' 
Wrap him in the maskin' tape, Jimmy Baskin 
Murder was the case when the crowd break fool 
Iron Mic Duel, held down by
My iron maiden the Caucasian the Asian
The information received by the ancient art of persuasion
I'm 'bout to drop like a guillotine
The cut is
the license and registration, to cock and aiming) 
It's all entertainment (And all my niggas made it) 
We hard body like Wu-Tang and Iron Maiden 
(I keep
On the saintly iron maiden as she fell from her wound

But visions and ambition
Never listened to submission
And she was on a mission from the highest above
to cock and aiming)
It's all entertainment (And all my niggas made it)
We hard body like Wu-Tang and Iron Maiden
(I keep the iron blazing, hands hurt
to get loaded
And get out of this town

Pantera on the Marquee
Better stay one more day
Iron Maiden, Mot?ad
Fuck, heavy metal ain't dead

Hey dude
at the parish
A civil war becoming of ungovernable atoms
I'm born from the guts of stars and black tar pits
Iron Maiden denim paint the devil under grawlix
It's all entertainment and all my **** made it
We hard body like Wu-Tang and Iron Maiden

I keep the **** blazing, hands hurt
Like a **** when she
Musik auch laut hören kann

Ich steh auf Iron Maiden du tanzt zu Techno Beats
Ich trinke meinen Kaffee mit Salz
Doch das hindert uns doch nich' uns
not to get involved with explosives
Skull opened like Iron Maiden Eddy, kaput, finished
Wanted excitement, you died for it, you pushed it to the limit
broomsticks and magic tricks is this
Return of the Iron Maiden
Stomp your corny ass like the Raven
What's the matter? You frostbitten, you lost your mittens
Blaise Bailey Finnegan III is the name of an Iron Maiden vocalist and is also the name of the second track on Godspeed You Black Emperor!'s EP, Slow
his skull
Plus, I stick my blade in, your guts I ninjugated
Put a screw in your head like Eddie from Iron Maiden
And, in a pool of blood is where Necro