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in the winter
Singing out of key

I am silent
Invisible to you
While I count the days gone by

I am silent
Invisible to you
While I shape the things
made a covenant with me by sacrifice!"
The heavens declare his righteousness, for God himself is judge.
The covenant of the snake
Succumbing unto your fate
They've been watching you
Through shape-shift eyes
In sumerian disguise
By the gods who decree our faith
to crush the voice inside breaking me up
Deliver me
I know I'm weak but I am willing

Silent night, terrible quiet
Sentenced to death by invisible hands
Banging on the ceiling
Breaking all the windows
Bothered by all that
I cannot control
I never was a problem
Such a promising girl
Now silent
Perform before perpetual dawn
As dusk engulfs the gate of horn.

Ivory towers appear beyond the gate
Invisible fortresses of escape
Traversed by
Are you ready? 
Are you ready now? 

In the world of machines 
- virtual machines - 
Dominated by software 
Everything is cold 
Cold as ice.
We, the nocturnal few
Bound by other laws
To the service of the enemies of god
Are silent and hidden
Yet our exquisite fire burns on
A silent secret
Of unfathomed darkness
Uncounted years
Within the temple walls

Lightened up by the moon
It's pale walls cold
Entrance not
silent a bloody purge 
Of the shelter and deadening of apathy 
One by one. it will be done 
Replacing those who are now pure stone 
To feel the real
Kiss me with your fear
I need us being
You and I have always been the unseen
Invisible to most until the bonding began
Weary, dreary,
The accoustic illusions of the awfully...
Thundering panthymonium captured by horror,
Everything around me appear like living blying image
(We build dreams to get
Your life is so narrow, so is your mind
You think you are something?...'cause you're not

You live your bitter life day by day
Never reaching
I walk curtain drops I stumble fall tripped by my material needs 
I look out to the gawking creed silent 

Whisper becomes a roar 
I pick myself
of horn.
Ivory towers appear beyond the gate
Invisible fortressess of escape
Traversed by ramparts made of hopes and fears
Impervious to reality

dunn stay silent
Revolvers, Automatics, guns stay silent
When it comes to beef it becomes a talent
Remember me, ODB, I'm the one from falice
The boatman rose to the sound of his heartbeat
Loud in the silent approach of the dawn
He glanced through the window at mist on the lake
Stonehearted digital tiger-stripe
A whole squadron invisible sniper-type
We living the life just like a movie
But our reality bite you in half
some too young to vote
Rapper now but used to be a dealer (a dealer)
Got enough paper to have your best friend kill you
Release the silent ones up in
an ambulance, sirens I'm told to be silent
I'm blind trying to find why my house is a riot
Got to go can't take it, Uncle Dave's face is changing
I race to find
[I - The forbidden words]
[II - Incantation]
[III - Passage of time]
[IV - The silent threat]
[V - Archilles heel]
[VI - Covenant of souls]
[VII -