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the hell should I sit back, vapidly
The darkness of light pink is tinged melancholy 
Am I to be sorry
That I inversely like to cause anarchy?
A digital breeding ground for dopamine-dependent dumbfucks
Degenerates generate views inversely proportional to their IQs
To the golden age
Inherit the Earth

Conqual nexus of neural perception
Circular reminisce of history lair

Inherit the Earth
By the instinct of the rising
In the end
The love you take
Is inversely proportional
To the love you make

Though I'm plastic flash on your life
You're my Siamese twin removed
pancreas attracts every other 
Pancreas in the universe 
With a force proportional 
To the product of their masses 
And inversely proportional
Tired of the struggle
Either you unite or bitch it's fuck you
The paradoxicalities of two equal dualities
Collide inversely inverting
Coherently coercing
were then drawn to me
you were my mirror image secretly
I drew you up and towards me
inside you - I saw myself; and inversely
Do not stir up love
My orgasms, your self-worth, are inversely related
Fill you ass; enema made of concrete, and then stick you in the ground
(You're never getting up!)
an assassin's creed I said it first
Lord have mercy I'm unearthly
Wake up bright and early 
Work on wordy controversies
Might need an attorney 
Inversely check
consciousness burns misunderstanding the reason
The progress is inversely proportional to death
Vague common sense
Inaccurate explanation
Anthropomorphic figures
have a bow and arrow, I do not know where I'm aiming

I'm convinced my sunshine spins are inversely
Related to my clarity

But I swear three weeks ago
The schools are closed
Teachers and parents are inversely juxtaposed
Yet all is right
For the first time in forever we’re all fighting the same fight
verbally wetting with every verse I've been spreading
I see you cursing the question as you disperse all your brethren
Inversely questing for purpose in
harvests his meal
So please spare me the indignation
I must reject your claims of authority
A constant rate of rotation
Inversely proportional to time

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