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I am an introvert, feel like I have no worth
Nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah nah,
I am an introvert, feel like I have no worth
Stuck with

I'm an introvert, that's how I stay
And how I live every day
I hope that people respect
That I'm kind of a social reject
I'm just an introvert 
Just leave me lone
Got another delicious tune for yall
leave me lone
Just leave me lone
Im a introvert
I dont wanna go to parties
To many energies
I am an introvert, feel like I have no worth
I am an introvert but I, but I, feel like I got no worth
I am an introvert, stuck up in my head like I
introvert life
Not been losing my mind
Sleeping well every night
Feeling cozy inside
I have a troubled mind
Where the siren's ringing all the time
I've been
you can't put anyone in their place?
Introvert, don't try to avoid these conversations
Introvert, it ain't my time you gon' be wasting
They want that conscious shit
But I am not a scientist
I am just an introvert
That's tired of that quiet shit
They want that conscious shit
But I am
we are so unhappy
You and I
Just two introverts inside
You and I
Just so happy to stay home tonight
They all are so anxious
Unable to go out
They drink
Hi I am an introvert 
Yep I'm shy
I always want to be alone
I'm rather depressed
I'm not much fun and I just don't like people including you
Yes you
TL watching she'll never ever take a break
While y'all spending time face to face
Thought you
Algor really bae
She introvert
Get the fuck out my face
Because I'm
Cause I'm, Cause I'm, Cause
Cause I'm, Cause I'm
I'm a fricking introvert 

I'm a fricking Introvert

People in the party doing drugs
Otherwise known as an ambivert
I'm an Extroverted Introvert
Otherwise known as an ambivert

I'll read about the Titanic all day
And I'll tell you
If you gone slide in this whip
Know that this whip gone skurt
Don't too many ride in my whip
I call it an introvert
And I can't be wasting my time
Sun is beaming on my face
I'm lying
I've been in my house all day
I can't even tell you why
I just wanna stay inside

I'm an introvert
Please listen
ask for much
I just want real friends without the dissensions
I wanna feel something click
I wanna feel static and feel the connection
The introvert’s
Yea, C.P
Pull up In the chevy with the 5%, Yea
I'm Just a, I'm Just a, I'm just a Introvert and shit you know?
But Ima always fuck with me harder
everything, really

I been moving like a introvert, introvert, introvert
Somethings you just need to let go
Myself's the only thing I know

This shit so bad, I
busy getting work done yeah
Honesty probably the best policy he'll nah (Hell Nah)
She said she don't like an introvert
And I never ever wanna loose her
It's Young Darko on the beat bro

Bitch I'm an introvert
Stay inside I fucking work
Better than you pussies
Try to step push me
Fuck school got no
to be intentional but I keep checking the time

This is how it feels to be an extroverted introvert
My time alone it doesn't hurt and entertaining feels
True introvert suh nuh gal cyan style mi
Work too hard unu heart too grimy
Like or nuh like mi yuh betta move wisely
Nuh violation cah death
Roaming between both worlds
The model I’m so distressed
My horrible teeth
My beautiful face
My angel wings
Cause I wanna be alone yeah
And if you right I might use you for the night
Then Imma be alone yeah
Just an introvert but it comes off as aggression

I use two fingers to pet her kitty
Im an introvert bitch i aint asking for no pictures
I just did that shit
Run that shit back fast before i quit it

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