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Many people wear the "introvert" badge with pride
An acknowledgment of a shared perfectly healthy appetite for alone time
Introversion is not
I been dreaming this so called life of mine
Introversion has found me, my soul mate, my eternal fate
Home is tomorrow

Anywhere but
zuweilen mit seiner Introversion
Nur erzählt er das keinem
Ey ständig reißen mir Bitches mein Herz raus
Ritzen ihren verfickten Namen ein mit ‘nem Cutter
of your dated fads
The introversion of sacrifice
(The introversion of sacrifice)
(The introversion of sacrifice)

So call it living but we're not feeling
el corazón,
Fuera de control,
Soy un caracol
Con introversión,
Que se muere de un amor callado.

Ehh ehh ehh maldita timidez
Es es maldita timidez
guess today is not the day
I'll just have to wait my turn

The window to my introversion
Is the silencer to my own feelings
I'll still walk out the metro
J'ai une aversion pour l'introversion
2 lattes et c'est déjà l'introspection
Bon là j'en ai marre on change de version
Longtemps qu'ici c'est la
remember that the time of my life 
Doesn't happen every day
Introversion extroversion are they both the same?
I wanna be with others but go out of my way
Cuddling my pets when
I feel this way

I woke this morning
Feeling so uncertain
Sometimes introversion
Just ruins my day

I'm all out of spoons
The day's
You played the role
You played the role

The Wall
You hang me on
Is all
That keeps you strong

You don't wanna know it
Perfect introversion
You don't
sentimiento de estupor
Y una danza rota lo que mostró
Narcótica es la imagen de tu esencia
Tan hipotética y real
En el vacío
De tu hermética
De tu introversión
que valora mi trastorno

Escribo sin presión, sin tensión 
Para liberar la introversión 
Todo girando en cuestión de la expresión 
Escribo si me da el
Watching life fly by like a limosine
Borrowing a little introversion for a pillow
It's sometimes good to see things from behind

In a sense I control
Cambiando la marea del corazón roto
Con mucho gusto volvería a la escuela secundaria
Modificar la introversión y el estudio
El pasado tiene la cara
Or have camaraderie to guide me through the thunder?
Introversion makes this hard for me to answer
So I'll pick this up when I regain my energy
If this is
Deck of 52 I aced the test of introversion
Needed pillows,frequency's, remediation for excursions
Eternal flame lit on the summit so my stomach keep
Era un tipo serio, con sueños como millones
Pero puesto en cautiverio ¿por propia introversión?
Era el fantasma de un pueblo del que omitiré el
con el pulso de mi corazón

Mi ego fluye en cada expansión
En cada introversión
Viviendo el cielo en la Tierra
Yo camino al soy
Humano soy

Y ya no temo
Said a lotta things but I think you ain't heard shit
Crippling condition introversion
No pink slip owned or parking permits

Finna leave when I please
even when I’m ghost
But they don’t know
This introversion got me trippy trippy
Slope super slippy
Praying that someone get me
Hoping I find my hippie
reductive novella
I have tried to outline
Our decline
As I see it

In terms of
And communication
In our own introversions
And ending

And in
the curtain
Let us see if you know what we all know for certain

Introversion is fine if obedient
Let's have fun, let us play with your deviance
It's a tall

No one knows how I can feel alone
Just common introversion when I’m far from home
I close my eyes and meditate for place I call my own
All on my
I don't have to die unknown
But no Valhalla, no loved ones awaiting me
I lived a life of introversion
Singing into the breeze
You can echo words I

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