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Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse
'Bout to burn this motherfucker down like Amy Winehouse!

I don't need no TLC
I just need some THC
Higher than miss
[Amy Winehouse]
Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard
Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt
You say, 'why did you do it with him
[Amy Winehouse]
Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard
Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt
You say, 'why did you do it with him
the red wine out
White lines in Amy Winehouse
Walk fine lines in hindsight
Coulda made some better choices
I didn't always have to listen to the voices
you can suck my dick with Amy Winehouse's teeth
Then I shove 'em in the elevator, take 'em to the top
Stand above 'em,just to cut the fucking cable, let
Ay, and I just got back from Tokyo ay
I put spikes on all my chucks now ay
I'm in pluto I ain't coming down ay
And I'm cooking Amy Winehouse ay
of alignment
My love has got you so blinded you couldn't pick Amy Winehouse out of a lineup
So stop with the snoring, pick your pint up
Let's get the pineapple
matters, like pain doesn't hurt.
You should be more to me by now than just heartbreak in a short skirt.

You kind of remind me of scars on my arms that I
buy me a home
Sittin crispy being in a tank by a jet ski
Why you don't like me
'cause I get down like the Isley's
A true ghetto star satisfying your
brings in Amy Tan
She said, "Lay me, mon."
Cynthia Ozick takes off her clothes quick and likes exposed brick
I stuck my slim sword in Kim Gordon
watched my old gods all collapse
Were way more violent than my cartoon past
It's like my father said before he croaked
"Son, you're killing me
the escape key
And then she get mad and wanna go and erase me
And I remember Amy, she used to AIM me
She stayed up late, and used to blame me
She said I'm
(Your rent's overdue by about 3 months) 
Look, peanut. You've been calling me, hounding me about the rent now for weeks man 
Don't ya know I
All my niggas off them yoppas like the '80s
And they ain't tryna go to rehab, just like Amy
I just want me and my bitches in a foreign back to back

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