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The young king, the lil homie Tyga
It's yo turn, nigga, it's yo turn, playboy
West Coast stand up to this Careless World, people
Global flying
She' don't know my name
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)

Aim tyga man again
Got a little message for
instead, you took a cap
They say Tyga and Diggy but Rocky been Jiggy
Curren$y from the Wiz ain't enough to get me home
Can't really hate when they compare
big booty bitches shakin' ass by my door
Heated marble got lil mama ridin' tip-toe
My brother a Tyga, I'ma go
Let's have a replay (Replay)
I'm on it
on the scene
If agreed than future teens vote for me
This election,make my selection, by the most lyrically
Holding grudes was never me, my budget won't allow
Rap ain't nothin' but cash, money, bitches, foreign cars and trees
Cristal by the cases, bad bitches by the flocks
I know I promised my niggas I'd
the fame

Uh, please no intro
Tyga she already know
Come and spend the night with me
And tell me what you into, uh
Can I take you home?
Wake up in the morn'
Pre>capo at 4 intro: em am (twice)

Em am em am
Weeping statues elvis sightings visitations man struck by lightning
Em am em am
Everyday someone gets
Pre>intro: (fiddle over) g / see / d / d (twice)

G see g see g
She walks through the field, walks in the heat through the field
G see g see d
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about
Sounds real dramatic, like somethin's comin
Got that real intro type vibe to it
Enough of this smooth
car, got the trunk by the engine
So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas

Yeah, I love them strippers
Yeah, I love them strippers
Yeah, I
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
Lord of foulness swallow me
Intro your morbid world of darkness
Sickening harp rasps accompany
My voyage of damnation

Unchain the soul
wie 'ne Tuning-Messe

Die Nummer 1 in den Trendcharts
Drive-By, ich schieß' aus dem Fenster
Und steig' nie mehr aus dem Benz da
Was für
Written by: Doug Supernaw/Lonnie Alkinson
Performed by:Doug Supernaw on "Red and Rio Grande"

One lone star waving in the wind
A longhorn
Studio orchestra
Vocal by vaughn monroe
Intro by orchestra. then;
Hawaiian sunset, blue shadows falling,
Hawaiian magic, and lovely you.
Draper, J Prince and every Jimmy Henchmen
Plenty killers and I know that Diddy with it
Tyga, chinchilla, really ain't no penny pinchin'
Knew that you
Pre>intro e a e a

E a e a d be
If you got a will of iron and a heart of fire
E a e a d be
You might try to stop the world and catch your soul desire
a[C]gain you have messed up [G]this old [Em]town
[C]get down [D]river, get


To the far side of town's where I want to go,
Pre>a lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably william wittman.
Thanks ww and everybody!

Intro: g#m c#m g#m c#m ebm g#m

G#m c#m g#m c#m ebm
versions may include an intro:
Spending these lonesome evenings with nothing to do
But to live in dreams that I make up all by myself
Dreaming that you're
Pre>intro riff the high notes are f# g be f# g see

The chords appear to be em cmaj7 e see then em cmaj7 3 times

Em cmaj7 d em
Every street is
Throwing by the $100's watchin' strippers do the splits
Go on hit that flex, I ain't trippin' on the bitches
Probably, 1 out of a 10 in
Wrapped up in blue
Painted by me and [F]you
Some thought it's [Am]changed by the truth
We [G]somehow keep smil[F]ing through
It's all we got
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night

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