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me and you

(2x)Can you smoke it right
In the back seat of my car
Choppin up this pa-per(paper)
Wit my homies do-or-die
1st time:(oh yeah)
the wild thing
Sayin' please won't get this sleaze to skease
Goes this skease only G's for fees
Only works late, downtown 1st and Pike
Yours for the night,
and beam your loved ones to the fortune and fame you 

are lookin' for. I mean the next generation  ya' heard me? 

Are you ready? [Yes I Am!!!!] 

for. I mean the next generation, ya' heard me?
Are you ready? [Yes I Am!!!!]

1st Verse: [Master P -- Fiend]
[Master P:]
Somebody musta' told these
tomorrow night, your body's callin'
12-play since the 1st day,
Now how can I forget those days.
Tellin mom and daddy we was goin' to the movies,
You are posse's takin' a dip and vanilla's the pool
Get ready for my ritual, it's at its' peak
Silly punks bow down 1st the lyricist speak
Be the 1st one to bust you like a pimple motherfucker 

to the crib
Cause January 1st I had to start my bid (for what?)
For being a wild unruling child
A week my granny sent complaints to the juevenile
homeboi feelin' like I owe a lil' mo'
Meanwhile dis tha 1st week my album out (Okayye!)
Shit my own damn mama didn't have a house (Phureal!)
Stay focused
what? Survive
Life in the projects
You got to get yours 'cause I'ma get mine

Life in the projects, goodness grief
Everybody waitin' on the 1st