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up, huh?

[Hook] [Del]
Uh, somethin' ya do when you're fire resistant
An ion intrinsic instantaneous lenses (?)
Diablo, domino effect wobble, stumble..
to explore

Abhorrent studies set forth in the abattoir
Intrinsic desecration of a fetid cadaver
Hormones the catalyst of this orgy of the damned
She got an unsigned letter from her secret someone
And she fell into the mystery
Words were few and specifically vague 
Intrinsic intrigue
But it
things to you
That you probably never knew
Like you'll always be an intrinsic part of me
Even though life goes on

If you really need me
Baby just
of genre breaking but no N9ne is ended
Or friended I'm winded, my music's intrinsic
But it's kinda looking like the needle ain't moving even when I did
Intrinsic rot. 
Traces of future. 
Your past will rise haunting you again.
Tonguing the glue stamp seal of your fold.
Cased in forests of black
sing or Memorex, I meant mimic it
When it hits the spirit it pulls the heartstrings
Infamous and kindred, it's intrinsic when it's still in us
the intrinsic
Motivation that it takes to even chase after a vision
That only you can see, that only you believe
So watch your tone, you're not even you enough
Random beats of blinding shockwaves. Erratic suns that twist my eyes
Flashes pounding at my thoughts as the intrinsic pains multiply

Muscle and tissue
Flips scripts like acrobatics intrinsic in rapping

Like insulin to diabetics, text is didactic
With nutrience like muslix on wax flex facts
these are offerings forgiven to the eye of spirits and law 
intrinsic fire witness the time of iron 
reflections of the snake 
of exclusivity the zone of insensitivity
The gnome on your lawn very poor example of your mainline intrinsic subjectivity
Burnt off tastebuds from my new goalpost
Your Intricate design
It's simply divine, like vintage aged wine
Wish we could put our differences aside
Defenses are high, intrinsic decline
Yo Don
They sleeping bro, they sleeping
Bruh they don't know what you've got 
They don't know its intrinsic 
They don't know you got it in you 
could love, you’d be the one
I’d tell all my secrets to, before I’m gone
If I could love, my life would flourish
The intrinsic poison could no longer
mischaracterization went
His predilections and intrinsic flaws left no forwarding address 

Bounty hunters, bill collectors 
Gathered and leaned into the 
Vapor of his
are bright and intrinsic 
Tokyo called me and I found a world unknown
In this neon wasteland 
With glowing bulbs buzzing overhead 
I am grounded
Probate for deathwish lo mein for breakfast roll rink in
West Bank toll pay and spent it wont pay for entrance
Soul flame intrinsic wart snake in
and when the paint came off the walls,
to our intrinsic age

I can't see straight
Faded out, in infrared
They go
Washing out blame
Waiting out their
southside neutral intrinsics
Mother raised a king 
With Tyrion knowledge inflict 
The damage in this rap shit 
Jesse white robatics with the rhythm
They can't
your inquisitive tendencies; 
The intrinsic and the explicit, 
We won't inhibit any of your inquiry, 
But first the fire must be met then quenched by
I know you will understand this
and feel the intrinsic incredible emotion
You have just pulled over your head the worn,
warm sweater
they are unaware of puissance and of hope
Intrinsic virtues awake!

All of a sudden appears a light,
horizons open wide
voices fill the air
At night, assimilate life
In the infinite realm
of our intrinsic side

Find, the missing parts of the mind
The hidden truth behind
Our dungeon

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