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Listen to the lock
Listen to the lock
Brandish apart
Culture in a thought
Intricately wrought
Now let's see what you got
I Lord yeah, I Lord yeah

So whiskey

Whiskey showers won't you come and take the tears away
Your words so sweet and comforting. They turn my night into day
Whiskey showers
the glittering shield

Went the heavy spearhead and smashed its way through the intricately worked
Corselet; straight ahead by the flank the spearhead shore
like arsonist to flame
A burden lifted from my soul, was never to return again

Her face was made of bone china and hand painted intricately
She sailed
You were meant to break my heart
And now I can hardly breathe
Intricately drowning falling apart
You were meant to break my heart
My heart, my, my heart
locate intricately independent 

Economic rhymer got savoury store food 

In Capsule D my program is ability 

For a reaction and response
the stars in rare fashion
Intricately placed with secrets of white magic
I'm running through the moon lit fields
Following a little orb light hoping it
killin' the soliloquies
Of these millipedes that try to pass themselves off as ill emcees
I weave a web of words so intricately
That the English
of love, dope shit, attemptin contemplation on
Uniquely woven and continuously flowin intricately sewn into
The fabric of the nation New York City keep
Before I've been through
Emphasize with your minstrel
Cycle, but the cycle can't be tamed
Like a bite chain, pops to the train
that Quentin write Fiction
Fantasies, woven intricately, while I'm predicting
Every motion, them slight changes in your tone of voice
Is a toast
intricately designed
He WAS Poet Laureate of his time
And if you don't mind, Id like to share some of his rhymes

Alone in my room, looking thru the 32X
Pharoahe Monch is incredible
Ridiculous pivoting fit meticulous splitting shits
In half, 'cause my words make earthquakes
Soliciting intricately impossible

Thinking about my life so intricately
Questioning everything
Why can't we just let it be
Let the vibes run free
Where the pd actually provides
around the cynical test
Numbness around clinical death
Those were the sounds dwindling presence
Intricately webbed in lyrical threading
Follow the essence
of honey
I pray you look in the mirror and see
The wonder that you are
A collection of stories
Woven beautifully
Intricately designed as a perfect balance
contradiction please understand the ways I'm intricately thinking
Layered temporally and spatially
Overlaid somatically and intentionality
Watching the show go by
Something that will outlast how long I survive
That's why I'm writing new melodies and intricately
I keep on moving and I'll get a hit eventually
It seems
Cause in effect, Infinity crew will move, intricately prove the truth
In melody in a booth, a prophecy in the youth
Lead with wisdom then go choose
intricately see
The significance of me
All that other stuff doesn't even matter
I'm here for a reason
The feelings are there for a season
They go away
Be angry
And enjoy the flutter of and open flame

Teeming with life, grass shelters seeds and seeds become life
And that suits our needs
The streams flow intricately
your skin

Kiss me before you
Go out the door to
Walk on the waves of
Your brilliance

You shine in
loves infinite
Let me show you the beauty
How perfect you are to me
I formed every part of you
So intricately
Ill be the healer of your heart
Theres no
dabbled for a while in
Clever mixtures of honesty, worldplay
And my subconscious is an intricately masqueraded dancer and
Buried alive are questions that

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