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I got a message on my phone
Some chick from Rolling Stone said
"We'd like to do an interview
And take a few pictures of you"

Well, my label says I'm
grapple an MC
Like Gracie at the UFC so place me in your octagon
Coward on mix tapes and interviews, I be hearing you
Certain dissiden'ts dis from
to the Bronx
And it's the fortunate one,
Who dies

New York, we ready!

[Kevin Rudolf]
He move from LAS to SoHo (ho)
A few blocks
For those who
the fortunate one who dies
(New York, you ready?)

He move from LAS to Soho
A few blocks for those who don't know
Down the hall punched a hole in the wall
Ooh la la Bangladesh

See a nigga like me gonna get money til I get rich
Ride with a couple hundred G's in a biscuit
Stay down for
And Bothswana, to let it speak
About latinas, columbianas

And the Bronx women walk that walk
Honies from Queens walk that walk, NYC, ATL, LA
Cincinnati, the Bay