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arms is where I want to live and die
Someplace where your face is all that I see
Where the love we make intoxicates intensively
In a mirror where your
Work the feeling
Paint the picture
Of how sex can be with me
When we slow danced
Up, right, around, down
Left, up, roll around, then
You're my destiny
Things are getting harder
Than I ever thought
It feels, intensively
I'm trying to rewire my mind
Cause I lost myself and being
ain't giving no excuses
So i'ma man up
But i wrote this song for you 
Hope you listen through 
Every single line intensively 
Cause i want you
journey of two bodies
with one mind
so put your hand
between my legs
and I'm sure
I'm going to a high

I thought you
wouldn't see me
but then I saw
streets made me why play me 
I'm half crazy, half of ? half Navy 
So who it be? You or me, ten a key 
Intensively, I know you players envy me
don't make no sense to me
If I switch I won't act sensibly
I'll make you care intensively
You'll be in a coma for a week

And I really can't come
sling with the king, I'm a hazardous detour
Break north, suckers, I'm intensively hard
My rhyme is on point cause I stay on guard
It might be quiet, but
See I had to follow God word Intensively
Like in the spirit is where I really need to be
Like in his word is where I really need to be
Like the only way
clever mind thinking it right turn off the light allow
Me to say shit I want don't censor me
I'm not a gangsta bitch say intensively I'm not so friendly
conscientiously quit but till then I'll be blazin intensively
With intensity tryin the remedies experimentally whatever's temptin me
Livin expensively all
when actually
You're the one that threatens me
To the point that I lie at night and I can't sleep
If it wasn't for your lies that you ignite
the one that threatens me
To the point that I lie at night and I can't sleep
If it wasn't for your lies that you ignite
I wouldn't have any
down and l became a city girl
Went to parties every night and lived intensively
Now l know it's not a life for me

I'll be waiting on the Highland
familiar sounds

It's cold at the top,now
When you're tied up in knots,now
And your mind is intensively wound

There is beauty in life
Given time to look
my pen to speak
Hearticulating vivid images intensively
Boring petrol intensively my darling
No no no

I chose this country
Cause people here're so funny 
When the day is sunny 
And a double-dealing mind
Stealing my timeflow

O don't make me wait too long, No

Gonna take that ride
I'll be there for you intensively
Gonna be there, I'm addicted
Gonna make me
nothing you can say
To prevent the affray

I hate you

It runs so deep in me
Hating you intensively
It's like red to a bull
Anger to you in full

I hate you
This noise ticks intensively in my head
I can't even hear my own thoughts anymore
Voices like the savage birds, they
Pierce my brain
I'm steadily get
and tempt me
Only now that my pockets ain’t as empty
This ain’t twitter this real life so don’t mention me
Can’t you feel my anger growing intensively
shut, I'm on it intensively
A glowing frame on my facade
I see through but little do they really know
The walls erected are too hard

I pull in a little
So intensively

I can't get away
From you

So caught up
Baby please don't leave

Cause your my only weakness
And now I need a witness
A Devil in a red
Every time I’m next to you
I start feeling kind of blue
As you stand here next to me
I sense your soul, intensively,
And I wonder.

I like the way I

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