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de street

She jammin’ meh whole night 
She telling meh hold tight
We in the mood
I feeling rude 
Is scandal tonight…

Instigating ah Frenzy
will survive
Every day is a struggle making sure I stay alive
I pull the hammer back
My invitation is for you
And where the scammers at
They instigating
Why you always chasing
Ain't no patience
You so nauseating
I'm just saying
That imma get to blazing
Your instigating
I'm not the type to switch up
And once I find my own way, I'll never let it go

Situations instigating some would call it perpetrating
Can't take it back now no, lost all that of which we
got people in the business instigating, they can have your mind racing (for real)
We could've been fixed it but we both let pride control the situation
Bitch I ain't instigating
But imma tell y'all the truth
Y'all some stupid ass mothafuckers thinking we sum fools
We all see right through yo eyes
with me
Instead of thinking of the other guys you see on TV
I’m not alright
Metaphorically aspirating
Rhetorically instigating that you move on
Everybody's hyped cuz' it's "Freddy vs Jason"
Crowd gettin' loud when they pull up to their faces
Fans instigating cuz' they on the on that clout
Dig this shit, instigating 
While you playing, I'm to real
Self made man, you're reeling 
I game my life, I'm gambling
Be this shit, it's  too lit
Now, being free, you are licentious and ruthless the same
Instigating, you're no object now summoning
A willful force, a new home to injustice
I sent a ton, that nigga died, he kept on instigating (on instigating)

You gotta keep your enemy close, it be your people hating (your people
You get off on all the wars
I end up instigating
You devise the strategies and I'm the one that played in
You know it's full I'm paid in
Walkin' up
what is wrong
Before they start instigating (Start instigating)
We all gotta do better, this real life not a setup
Believe in God's plan, and try
I'm a piece of shit
Bitch I feel like Sean Avery
I be instigating cause I love when y'all hate me
I don't give a fuck about my safety 
Lose my
Goddamn I feel like Johnny Cash
I'm the man
I ain't got time for no fans
Instigating on Twitter 
Why you keep bringing up the past
Now they want
In between the lines
Gonna leave it to break through
Is diffuse the abuse

Find other ways to hide
Keep running blind
How you
How you
How you wanna play peacemaker but stay instigating war
How you say you keep it real but told police all that you saw
How you wanna
Your lips
Are instigating all these late trips
We’re pushing 60 and I
I know that she likes it stormy
She’s dancing in hurricanes
I’m watching from
I'm still click-baiting
Cuz I'm instigating
And I'm not insinuating
Just directly stating
So whats the use in accusing me
You're pathetic
I'm memetic
to the pavilion
Where I cried out... for the slightest bit of her attention
I broke down... cause the time that I spent instigating change and it never came
I think you be tripping sometimes
sometimes you just blow my mind
With all of this instigating
Claim you are seeing signs
Saying I've been acting
With arms open wide
Two wrongs do make a right
Aimless lyrical souls
Sharing one single goal;
Creating, instigating
A spark in the dead of night

Oh so
A dropped penny said this feels so liberating, take my love and run
Never been fond of instigating, take my love
Oh you took my love and then you
A dropped penny said this feels so liberating, take my love and run
Never been fond of instigating, take my love
Oh you took my love and then you

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