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love uswhen we love: as others

in this collapsing world
out of the crowd


I remember it all
vie est insoluble parfois mais non non non chut chut chut
Ça ça ça faut pas le dire Didididisiz la peste j'me décris comme un peintre
Observant tout
llevas peso demás.
Esa historia que a vos te margina,
y a sangre caminas.
Tal vez me digas,
que eso ya no bastará.

Insoluble, insoluble.

No ves
and luck
Hitori demo kizutsuita yume o torimodosu yo

(Get wild and tough)
Embrace alone love's insoluble puzzle
(Get wild and tough)
I don't want to be
This problem is insoluble
The answers seem impossible
The logic ceases to exit
Emotion is the beat we miss

I stand on a world
Where dreams,
This problem is insoluble
The answers seem impossible
The logic ceases to exist
Emotion is the beat we miss
I stand on a world
Where dreams,
Memories insoluble to their conscience,
Memories outside themselves in a twisted prank
Played upon them by dogs
Tired of chasing their food.

Thin oxygen
sûr on en revient au même
Thème insoluble c'est vrai
C'est toi que j'aime
C'est toi que j'aime
Pour de vrai
human's mentality to
Throw it in
The dustbin am dusty mare nka
Chunela discene i can not be
In the industry am insoluble i
Am always
High try
This is why I'm writing these rhymes 
Insoluble yin-yang Jekyll and Hyde
Abiding your rules saving our memories 
I'm a prisoner of my own mind 

a solution
Well this one ain't solvable
These pages, wet dissolvable
Salt in the wound

Stuck in my veins, like the ink stuck in that pen
Cause I
to think on my insolubles
And to drift away into one last lipophilicity
One last lie in the pool facility for one last lie pool felicity
I was just swimming
negro  Como,  el  azul  del  verde
Yo agua y plomo, tú como el helio siendo puro aceite
Un  otra  Altura  que  refiero  y  por  Ello  insoluble
Que lo que
fràgil com el vidre
Històries de llibre, del tot insoluble
Noto males vibres, noto males vibres
I ara estic fent tot allò que abans mai no feia
this game
Is inevitable 
And you never could flow
You're insoluble
And the people be tellin' me
You're lookin' stressed 
It's no wonder I do when
solutions insolubles
Juste pour te faire des rimes insolites
J'ai le ring sur le doigt loin du Mordor
J'trace mon proche chemin pas celui qu'on m'ordonne
I am
Damn my flow is insoluble

Im ballin on em like Sheck Wes
Foreign women
Let's taste test
Hit em wit a tech
Draymond green
Now I'm boomin like
moribund joy

On the river I sail on a boat
When I live I go through insoluble sins
Meanwhile casualness is stalking me
I hate the moment to reach the fable
Brain dead brain dead brain dead
Brain dead br br brain dead ima

Braindead ya know hit upside the head
My context insoluble
My condition insolvable
J'vais vers le haut comme le pollen mais j'suis insoluble comme le mercure men
Le thermomètre
tiens toi à 10 mètres c'est ça mon périmètre
J'ai des choses
Ay, yeah
This situation seems unsolvable
It's insoluble
But he said it is resolvable
I'm walking on the quicksand
This world is going
so close to innovation
Nothing is unsolvable
Love with hate, that's chemistry of the insoluble form

I'm so tired of my favorite rappers getting
réponse des experts scientifiques
A l'insoluble problème des déchets atomiques
250 000 Tonnes pas facile à planquer
Surtout qu'en 100 000 ans bien des
enigma insoluble.

Una canción
es comenzar.
Secretos en la piedra

cierra los ojos, abre las manos
para tomar lo que es tuyo.
Cada momento de

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