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and where it comes from?
We know we are superior
But we sure as hell don't act responsible, no, instead we inseminate, force feed and cage them

And we call
Oh, hear me though

They'll bury me with my SP-1200 (For sure!)
Fuck the trinity, inseminate the earth, now take its virginity
In my vicinity,
Bring forth the atheist, sent to inseminate
Aggravated blasphemer, insurrected one to tell
Power through defile
Mephisto is coming to claim me for hell
inseminate the bitches
Eliminate top rappers, throw their remains insides of ditches
Nigga political snitches, Abe me which is
The very reason I'm able
inseminate the bitches
Eliminate top rappers, throw their remains insides of ditches
Nigga political snitches, Abe me which is
The very reason I'm able
The Fallen Star 
Rise Rise Like the Phoenix Will Rise 
Satana, Xitan, The Behemoth Beast

The Fallen Sons plagued the Earth 
Picking wives to inseminate
phallic form of cross
White gowned shepherds greedily waiting to inseminate brainwashed sheep herd in the melting pot 

The plague hidden behind the walls
I'm afraid it's true
Cos the men who do
They work for you

Could you inseminate a cow?
In a very very painful way
Then 9 months later come back and
I see a high throne emanate
I see mages initiate
Inseminate fertile ground

I see a stellar occultation  
I see ethereal emanation  
Final liberation
Adversary, Return to me
Second coming
of the Morning Star
Fire fuel fluids
Aimed to inseminate
Infernal fertile womb
forced to reproduce
Give birth
Artificially inseminate ideas into human race
Incinerate whoever’s next cause (Taylor’s bout to bout to flex)

What do you do with your thoughts?
What do you do
Rise, like the phoenix will rise
Satana, Xitan, The Behemoth Beast

The fallen sons plagued the earth
Picking wives to inseminate
Nephilim was
of the doors
Ignite desire and even more
Inseminate our dream vacation
These poles were built for masturbation

Watch me fly high, watch me go
Watch me cum,
that sanctify the sky,
Liquid life poured down excites the ores,
Ignite the crust, inseminate the dust,
The cultured quartz that rises high,
Exhuming for a rotten fuck

Solo  Sebastian
Solo  Matt
Solo  Sebastian

Funeral home no resting place, when I make my rounds
Corpses I inseminate, beneath
Return good for evil

The cowboy conspiracy
Will find a wicked end
Meeting on the battleground
Under threat of death
Inseminate with hatred
horrors created, if I inseminate
Domesticated and wild brutes sickenly laid
Pregnancies prevented with the beasts are spayed
Erotic zoophilism, a sexual
massive invasion
Deformed creation... Unnatural Invention
Procreate, then desecrate - Inseminate, then devastate
No hope for humanity...It's a planet
Wolf cult religion

Victory is one!

Ride forth sons of perdition
Dominate fuck and destroy
By blood and thunder, rise of the heretics
did it know
Here demise was sure to come<
Landing in the ocean
Inseminates its seas
Procreating organisms
The water comes alive
Spreading like
won't inseminate
I spread the legs of college chicks featherweights and solid chicks
I make 'em face the snake but I never taste the bottomlips
I poke

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