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of the cryptic conundrum which I have dedicated my life to solving? The Coptic papyrus states that, upon the walls of the pyramids and the temples were inscribed
This is a forgery, this is a forgery
Every single word is plagiarized
Copied twice and thrice inscribed
This is a forgery 
There is a path
nearly extinguished
The signs of impending death have manifested

Red wheel of the fire element inscribed with the five rams
Yellow wheel of the earth
there's nowhere I can see a sign
Inscribed for me with fate's design

And if I've learnt something
It's back to this moral code
Gestured split
right into)
Careless I inscribed my name on your heartstone (you inscribed your name)
Loveless I already know my exits
And relentless I enjoyed every
in vain

Lies and deceit have led this life
They inscribed it into our grave
But nobody told us that the war would never end
Here we sit, cowering from
I'm pressure stress to the fullest, but only the smart survive
Can I maintain, or will my mama see my name inscribed
Losin' all my faith, chase
And the gold bracelet with my father's name inscribed
On the back by the one who loved him all her life
The way I too could have loved you
The Spanish shawl I
Jason B. Sad was a lonely lad
His head was a bed for everyone
His clothes was his life
But his heart was a knife
Inscribed on it was "rock 'n'
glories will fade
But his truth it will not pass away
It remains yesterday and forever the same
The word is alive

The bible was inscribed over a period
All inscribed on me indelibly
I've had bad reactions, bad infections
Even Hepatitis C
My friends think that I need therapy
Maybe some laser
the arrow's aiming at you
Inscribed with your name
You pray that it just goes past you
Cupid's only gonna shoot if he knows it's his game

You turn my
the Graceland get
The ancestors of the world

Think it looks great
Their names inscribed by death
In a spectral alphabet
Their names look foreign
my eyes and just vibe
The inner walls of my mind
Got you on inscribed
Please, bitch can we ride?
This evening, uh, yeah, this evening

I'm just
(the butcher and the butterfly)

I put my girl in the butchers hand
She is my curse cried fireman Sam
Heaven down below inscribed her name
My baby
in a jacket pocket
Wrapped inside a platinum locket
In the shape of a heart with pictures of me
Had it inscribed, "no us, no him then no me
very own initials inscribed on my sheets
Subtle reminders are key, jeez!
Spoiler alert, the second act is tragic
And everyone that wants the worst for
on talkin' and commas increase
I'm standin' at the top of where you niggas are climbin' to reach
I even got my very own initials inscribed on my sheets
The virtue of your style inscribed
On your contempt for mine
Jesus was a beggar, he was rich in grace
And Solomon kept his head in all his glory
It's just
When the MCs came to live out their name
Inscribed in the halls and the walls of fame
Balancing life, wrote both the yin and yang
Hands buried the man
The virtue of your style inscribed
On your contempt for mine
Jesus was a beggar, he was rich in grace
And Solomon kept his head in all his glory
It's just
Some creed of the devil
Inscribed in our minds
A hideous game
Vanishes in thin air
The vanity of slaves
Who wants to be there?
To sweep
of paper
Inscribed with a hundred names of god
But he can count one more
The curse of life eternal
Written on the door

Your master.....he's a monster

One finger nail
Across your back
Baby's first gold tooth initials inscribed

X because it's extra baby
why because it's extra

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