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Chase the dragon's tail
We double lock the room
We inoculate the moon
And the light glows from below
Tonight, Tonight
She hears the soft
go collaborate
Wha' dem a demonstrate? Wha' dem a portrait?
Say dem a illustrate when dem a contaminate
Dem a influence and dem a inoculate
smokers through blind vanity
If you're fat don't get ill
Europe's gravestone carved in plastic

P.C. she says inoculate, hallucinate, beware
as a youth,
Oh, you wouldn't wanna get me on the rack,
This is the sound, of the crowd, and our dreams burning down.

Inoculate my soul,
Who's side are you
without waste
You inoculate the children
Against reason against fate

You pray for mystical decisions
Through the gates
We are inside this is our
let me inoculate you 
free from life 
bring sweet death 
in life you have no purpose 
in death you will find all 
follow and let me guide you 
Journey through the celestial gates searching for enlightenment
Sages of esoteric knowledge recover polytheistic reality
Haldi inoculates new
The ideas to revise

You're not the only one
You're not the only one 

Do you ever wonder
Who's showing remorse
Give us some relief from
Inoculate the populate
Apocalyptic red, assignment Omega Red
Event Horizon dead environment, now I'm firin', drivin'
Nails through my palms, I've arrived in
way to hide
Inoculate with a twisting of pain
Injected not by a physical forge
Rage of venom driving insane
Raging sound corrupts more and more
the voice
More determined now but still can't see
The music begins and he's pulled away again by flattery
Just as with a drug the words purposely inoculate
The season begins ... 

From gambrels hung, we have begun 
Systemic culling 
Inoculate and decimate 
All deviation 

Hung,gutted,and s
an experiment such an
Intricate maze
Comprised of a simple mind begging for the needle to inoculate the virus and
Eliminate the
Doldrums will you kiss

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