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When I can smile so innocently
The jury’s out but they’ll come to see
I can smile so innocently
Obscure the truth
And leave a permanent mess
A blanket
Robot Heart
Robot Heart sleeping
Hidden in wires
Robot Heart beating
Innocently quite
Robot Heart being
Wrapped up in wires
Robot Heart
Love was taken from a young life
And no one told her why
Her directon has a dimlight
From one more violent crime

She innocently questioned why
do you grow down
How do you relive innocently
How do you forget what love is like
And unlearn what hurt does to me
How do you grow down
How do you
Of tupperware and gasoline
And fell in love 
With plastic baby dolls
And nursed on greed for batteries

So innocently murdering
I'm innocently murdering

and he's walking in toward town...
Harpua walked toward the town...
And meanwhile in the town...
In a whole different part of the town 
Love was taken from a young life
And no one told her why
Her direction has a dim light 
From one more violent crime 
She innocently questioned
Skinny dipping

Sadly, I guess I'm meant to be lonely 
Cuz even though I'm loved
I don't feel loved
Never feeling free, of this pain
I face everyday
stupid games you might know
Yourself in the upside down

Cause that crown that you wear
So innocently
Let me say let me say darling sir it does not fit you
But all I can hear
Is my father screaming at me
And putting his hands on me
For nothing
For everything

I'm listening to the melody who's innocently
and they were quiet
we're a young male, innocently
we're already happening
the lisp of the pines is a many-sided sound
in many ways innocently but innocently
innocently vibed 
Our hearts intensified 

You've become a part of me 
You and me in
you say
Isn't it such a beautiful day today?

It's a sunny day
The sky so bright, the air so clean
The wind, innocently stirring
A gentle breeze
was so close to me
That I was she and she was me and I was she
And I loved her and she loved me and
I loved her and she loved me long and innocently
It's love that just innocently
Will believe you are the one for me
So please
You played games with my heart
Raised my hopes then dropped me so far
the bully
Who kicks you in the shins

Play your innocence like a game of cards
Broken glass that looks like crystal shards
A child hugs so innocently
even know it		
So innocently			
So innocently			

Like the morning dew
That makes a flower grow
You walk thru peoples bones

You make their soul
forward with her desires 
And not be afraid to play with fire 
I carried a light that never tired 

But I wanna be like her 
Flying innocently in the wind
they all somehow land perfectly
On the angel that’s in front of me and smiling back innocently
Summersaulting with our love, we move together, then apart
an opp because your tendencies 
I use to hooky school and plot on bigger dreams
I miss how we were living innocently demons

Yea we was all living
builds wall all around her heart
She knows now you can't fight with the dark

She was so...

Innocently falling down again
Till she can
Feel again. To know
if I've gotta watch every step I take
I don't wanna live this life if I've gotta watch every step I take
Innocently walking down the street, they're
Ignorance getting in my way
Innocently holding on to
All of these things I never knew

Ignorance held me back today
Ignorance getting in my way
Don't forget the lies
That you held inside so innocently
But I still despise
You live half a life
So I move along

You traitor
You sold my heart for

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