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the right places.
Think you're right, my reality is laced with.
And if you take sides, then please take mine.
'Cause if I'm in it I'm in it to inhibit
Inhibit, inhibit, overflow
Yes. Hardwired logic. Machine language
Connection deprived by request, request
Parallel operation
Give me push count
the finest line
Between you and the voice in my mind
I’ve been talking to the moon
Lately I told her about you

Some days I
Try to inhibit my mind
Wish that I
the spirit is there is liberty
Whom the son sets free is free indeed
He inhibits the praise of you and me
There's no place I'd rather be

the things that I know I should do
Who's to blame except me and me alone, I found my enemies home

What could it inhibit a habit the dark corners lurking
the cinema must exhibit me in roles that so inhibit me, I feel, well I feel just like a soldier out of step! There! But, would the episode outlive me, would my
to explore

Ribbit ribbit a tadpole exhibit
It's a transformation no one can inhibit
Amphibian change may seem strange
Take them gills and the tail
Magma flowing into a subaqueous environment produces pillar lava 
Hydrostatic pressure of sea water tends to inhibit the vesicle size of the basalt!
Shall not inhibit death blow 

Know this skin does not restrict her 
Tear and shed the coil 
Fall of garland leaves 
Below the soil
cool no heat
Hate is the enemy

Hate will arise for you to despise
Hate is laughing at your fate
Love is beautiful and it is potent
Love inhibits
falling apart
Inhibit generalize
Sorted and wet
Someone advised me to die
Blowing your mind
Cause you know what you'll find
When you're looking for
Underground chillin with the Mole Man, and his whole fam
Inhibit bacterial growth, material wrote
Impenetrable, incontestable, indigestible intelligence
The glaring sun above should not inhibit us at all
I'm very glad to know that your libido never palls

Stop, she's unique, espscially at home
You're my angel of death I strangle till there's no breath
I kill the kill kill till there ain't nobody left
My conscience don't inhibit me I
a choice
But it is a decision
Come out of the closet
Break out of the prison
Love who you are
Let no one inhibit
Don't get in your way
Or make
falling apart

inhibit generalize
sorted and wet
someone advised me to die
blowing your mind 
cause you know what you'll find
when you're looking for
Deflower of my life untie their bonds
And push these fantasies
To ever greater stories

For your vulgar delectation

Inhibit nothing, run
to inhibit, these fuckers they all can get it
And lyrically Ima spit it, no filter like half our senate
In their heads, I’m a tenant, rent-free, I left some
Raise us 
From the depths below 
The compass guides us home
Under blackened skies
Open up your eyes
Inhibit man's demise 

We are the watchers
galaxy the  
Pathetic fallacy of our own mortality 
Now I have no limit nothin' to inhibit me
The ultimate critic of life's totality 
Minute after minute I
pause a minute, I'm gonna ball and pivot 
And raise arms inhibit the range y'all exhibit
Flawed and driven like forty bars prohibit 
The critic and limit
Close my eyes
Feel my breath return
I've been blind
But now I start to learn
Nights inhibit my vision,
Days have brought the ache
I never really
didn't inhibit me from doing anything.  I could probably find more benefits. 
I decided I needed to know what the others had been experiencing.  It was six
What once was colour, now turns to grey 
Everything always changes, yet I stay the same 
Burrowing ever deeper, attaching itself to the core 

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