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you're feeling deep
In need

Inglorious, well take a back stance
Shave your face and buckle your pants
We can see you're young and free and boring us
packs it was ketamine
Now I'm feeling hoarse
School of life, weren't no course
You're a tourist, only roll with the purest, Ace Ventura

Nothing left
Nothing to seek
Just leave behind
Your view of disease

Of your life
Of mankind
You're sick!
And inglorious!

You're beliefs
lanzamiento el cheque aumenta el grueso

Montuno inglorious bastards, 
ninguno con mi casta, tan puro que hago pasta, 
ya lanzamos la red ahora veo como los
the price  

Hymns on our lips as we stand side by side
Life spent inglorious, but death brings us pride
All for the legion we finally align
And your sweet sweet sun makes me crazy
Hm you're my baby
I want to lay you down and see how you amaze me

You push me up to the inglorious
And your sweet sweet sun makes me crazy
Hm you're my baby
I want to lay you down and see how you amaze me

You push me up to the inglorious
A-got me goin' insane
But I know what to do
'Cause you, inglorious you
You got me broken in two
But I don't feel no fool
God, don't feel no
And a lil notorious
Like I should
Cause bitch I'm glorious
Came outta the hood
Done being inglorious
See how I look
Say I look victorious
I'm Looking like
of love consumed by frost

The inglorious one
A perfect madrigal, shunned
The inglorious one!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the god to whom I
They inglorious
Them bastards are out here just ruining
I’m penurious
I don’t give out time to such foolishness
Boy You losing it
of a madman's world

Inglorious, ignominious
What I've become
The things you've done, can't be undone
All you hear is in your head
The more you know, the more you
the ashen sky his acolytes arise
They gather now, darkest souls from every continent 
Called forth to join the Lich King at his side

All hail His Inglorious
jak dzieci

Nie nie wyrastaj
Wiem dorosłość to atrakcja
Ale skończysz jak inglorious bastard
Powiedz basta basta

Błądzisz w knajpie chcesz mieć
like, when it's non like non-tarantino-esque
I think it's a good movie
You mean like Inglorious Basterds?
I didn't see that
I didn't, I don't know
good though)
What you think I recorded for?
To have a bunch of critics call my shit a bunch of horror core?
Like I didn't make Parade or Inglorious
Come with us back to those inglorious days when heroes weren't zeros.  Before fair was square.  When the cavalry came straight away
peace we mean no harm and we're inglorious
We took their heads but we just took back what they took from us
I guess we lost ours

Music had nothing
Also the most slept on, cause my Ted DiBiase-ness
An (Inglorious Bastard) and you looking like a Nazi bitch
They say it's hard out here for old boy,
and plague
Are welcomed in my court
Murderers, miscreants
Will linger here and rot

Those who die inglorious
And those who die in shame
They are all
confidence out the roof, and that done help me believe
Inglorious with them keys, no snortin; I can't agree
Living life like a king and there's somethin' I'd
identity crisis

Going down on one knee
To bear the load of some inglorious burden
Acting accordingly hastens death to the individual

You roam in packs
inglorious foot to gun
And come back and find me
With her entwined round me

Whoever you're mixing your drinks with is dying to
Go to town on you
Ehhh yeahh
And my uproarious arrival pushed the noise to the scene
This inglorious desire that would be left out of me
So I'll be open to rise

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