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In time
The lies

I lie, ingest

Breathe in deeply

I lie completely still

It's not the things you said

It's not the things you did

It's not the way
Ingest the sights & sounds throughout your lifetime 
Want more fill yourself with light 
Always pushing forward always wanting more 
You need to see
Starving, I've got this hunger
Growing from deep within
Carving an internal thunder
Oh a craving that wears me thin

Well, it's hard to ingest
To kill the shepherd
Just to see his face
Heed the warning
Ingest the rotten bone
The hand that falters
The hand that turns to stone
Chew on the root
the lights

All the lights have died
Slow dose of hell stripping what's left
Sleepless for days on end
And ingest life on all sides
I can't be reached in
to death
I should ingest recovery and silence

I have my say, I want my way, I must be seen
And will you please stop calling me the Drama Queen

Well I'd club a baby seal
But you know I won't ingest it
I'd tell my vegan girlfriend
You know I wouldn't suggest it

Well all my shoes are
snake ingest 40 times their body 

Weight but you you emaciate you crash 
Your shit all over the place now 
Open your mouth!
to take charge

Some have desire to consume and devour
Take what comes 
Each time I still hear that same old sound 
watch me rise and ingest with this
Eat with you, and in doing so...
Since the beginning of time...
With purchases intended...

The future ingests us as the past spits us out...
Are we drifting in shades of nowhere
Breath of death from wisp of life
Ingest in me
I ever stride
Among the shores of tranquil nights
Between the set
Starving, I've got this hunger
Growling from deep within
Carving internal thunder
Oh a craving that wears me thin

Well, it's hard to ingest
Sinking into soft skin
Ingest rejuvenation
One to consume
One to renew
Demanded invitation

Do you want to feel the warmth?
To taste the life,
we infest
Other ways of life we ingest
In a blood bath we steal you dignity
This precious hunt it may take liberty

and they steal your mind
Make the hole, and ingest the lies
Trance to ingest lava dust
Ease trust catalyst

Low release, a rise altered swoon
Spiral churn, then suffer some calm
ingest you, become you
Defenseless, I fill your emptiness
With my lies, lies
Lies in the name of god

In this world of shit I exist
Perfect world
destroyed by yesterdays.

And do I gain?

I could only Dream
For chance to side with me,
Inquire, ingest, implode.
Let this not be the disassemblance of me.
ingest (ingest)
Time that I invest, yeah
You've been through it all (all)
Right there when you call for me (call for me)
Knew that shit would fall
With subliminal sin
Deceptions they induce
Ingest the lies
Dissect the mind
You can't control the youth
Enslave the free
With conformity
remain the hideous figure treading these unholy grounds
For I have failed the one who has created me
My conscious is telling me to ingest the flesh
the pocket of their wash
Someone who'll ingest me in the stomach of their lives
Lord of flies

Do you really wanna knooow
How I feel
Nothing ever shows
Struggle to survive
No one is lucky to be alive
As we all disconnect from the sun we ingest

Arranged to deploy
Equipped to destroy
We were born to be

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