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things get complicated
You run away to Mexico
Boy, you got me infuriated
I'm never gonna let you go

It used to be Bobby forever
We were together day
Eyes ablaze with hatred Lighting up the dawn Light it up  Anger built for centuries Violence boiling over Faces twist in bloodlust rage Infuriated
So much for the lady killer
The ladies are killing you.

Well I was getting frustrated
Sweet sixteen and never been kissed
I got infuriated (down down)
Locked in the basement
Hot-wired to the net
The punchline to the joke
Is how they are gonna smoke
Every last stuck-up snob
Infuriated 'cause he doesn't understand
Bringing up those things we don't want to discuss
Why still do evil, we don't know how to do good
Walking on in
of America
Plastic saxophones bleat
Bleed for nothing, nada

Cops crashing through doors
Infuriated by silver charms of suburban smoke
At war with
to alarmin'; you flipped and stepped out of margin
You infuriated the Gods and the stars and
The sky's bout to thunder, you low-life come out from under
Dam was constantly catching fire
Richard Pryor
Her skin deteriorated
Family infuriated by the myriad of tracks but my train never came
So humiliated,
debate it
I'm frustrated 
You call me air-headed but you're deflated 

I'm irritated 
You call your shit music
But its not related
I might
Infuriated by the ignorance of innocence
her-own-progeny becomes a prey dramatic state a tragic
sight-foetal cannibalized, fist fucked, skinned deep,
larvae drowned
Retribution justified

Infuriated with rage
Adrenaline bursts through my veins
Seeing you bleed
The only thing on my mind
I was lost, had no reason
I was blind, saw no treason
I was devastated, couldn't take no more
Man infuriated, raging thunderstorm

Where's it
like glue.
Infuriated by the problems at his work. 
That jerk went berserk 
And let his anger run the way up her back, 
A disgusting attack and then
[The battle rages and once again mankind is facing war.]

Infuriated - electrified
Grim and relentless they ride
Fighters are launching

became infuriated
My ray gun jammed and I had to wrestle his ass out the [...]
It started rainin', I could barely see
Swingin' wild haymakers, the nigga
showed your true colours Enlightenment has come First we were blinded but now we can see Infuriated we hunt down our enemies  The way of the dark is

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