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so we're doin it right
Yo, who got the inflow keepin it tight
Lisa Maffia (huh)
Remember I told you, I'm a soldier (ha)
Drop this in the club and it's
to toe, ayy
Playin' hot potato but we using C4, ayy
What is outflow, all we know is inflow, ayy
Lock the door, you know they'll come for sure All these
Mass of pain
Emotions you retain
You won't let go
Then nothing can inflow

These causes that you're making
Look closely 'cause they're
Highflow low flow midflow goo
Inflow outflow no flow ohh
Need more words to build my core
Offshore Swiss cheese green cash flow

Highbeams in your
a good shape
Let me not get ahead, this is just the intro
Get all the guap, all the cheese like pimento
Me and the team wanna see the money inflow
With  the smooth ties
Flip a coin
Got two sides
Of suicide
People leaving
Like you and i
Doing this shit
I found purpose
call real facts Uh
Slip shots and I hit him with a check hook
I always hit back yeah

Niggas call me a grease trap: inflow, outflow
Got the break
Serenity inflows
This time is the sweetest
And she drinks it up through her pores
you know we on the way

DJ Inflow yeah you know that boy extra paid

Flexing over there with the, with the diamond chain
clips to spray still,
Hey, chill chico,
Keep it simple,
Expose your chest and blow the horn
Might throw your mama out the window
Siphon oil inflow
Inhale,THC inflow
Prettier than bitches… NO HOMO
Ayo Hiem watcha got in the pot
Ayo Hiem watcha got in the pot
(What you cookin nigga)
Ayo Hiem watcha got in
down below
Caught in the currents of the inflow 
Visions of green and indigo
My pulse is racing at the tempo
Now, I feel the pressure and I hold my
tastes better mixed with problems aye
I've been tryna make dough
Tryna get that in-flow
It's either cash or keep your info
Don't get attached you gotta let
the inflow 
You wanna get it say lessss ahhh
Comment something in my inbox
I been drinking so I'm never caring when I'm stupid faded off of gin shots 
I don't
to wonder round dazed and confused how the plays and the views seem to
Determine cash inflow
If the game was bout skill I'd have cash and flow
Not too many
do I know, shit
What do I know
I'm losing control, man
I'm losing control
I stay on the low
I pass on the hoes
The money inflows
I keep to my own
got the inflow keeping it tight
Lisa Maffia
Remember i told you, I'm a soldier
Drop this in the club and it's all over
It's all over
It's all over

I feel so numb
Most of the time
And I want that emotion
To die
I just want to
Fucking care
Instead, I give the look
Of dares

But my mind keeps
Man I got pros
Man I make pros
And i know that's facts from my inflows
I ain't joking
Jared Leto
Cool me down
Need Gelato
Coming up in the game out
Hurried the knees, the fear insight, the trace of wind on your legs
You threaten star, you play my girl into the shelter
You are the ones,
and disembody my

pain Hinder the inflow

of figments Let them

gather in me no more

Stop the bleeding Heal

my wounds Melt the

frost in my veins

to the fullest extent

Yo, so here we go, imma bide my time and creep real slow
Y'know I lurk in shadows, gotta have patience for the inflow of info
Stocked up for

Fame over talent
20 Years I spent silent
Patiently trying
Keeping my life low-key, private

Cash inflow, fuck a degree
That's facts not a plan
I got rival
I don’t need it
I go viral
I got dishes
That’s what I know
That’s ambitious
That’s where I’ll go
What’s your digits
What’s your inflow

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