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infatuated (infatuated, infatuated)
I'm infatuated (infatuated, infatuated)

You're a dime and you know it
Perfection; got no flaws to hide, and you know it
don't think
You can handle me
I'm from a different world
I'm not like those other girls
Boy you're just infatuated
Infatuated, Infatuated, Infatuated
[Verse 1]
Cuz i'm infatuated, your beauty's so amazing
I love everything about you
from your hips down to your ankles
I blame the cupid's arrow
thought I'd tell you the truth
I'm infatuated, infatuated, infatuated with you
I'm infatuated, infatuated
And I don't know what I'm gonna do

I'm not asking
us both to make
And I don't wanna feel as if I'm forcing things
But I'm infatuated with you I can't lie
And I got feelings I developed I can't hide
With your gyration
That's my fixation, I'm (infatuated with you)
Infatuated with you (infatuated with)

Thumping to the thumping
I'm more infatuated with getting to know myself
Managing stress bey and taking care of my health
I'm stateside hustling tryna increase my wealth
And I can't stop dreaming about you

Infatuated, deep in my soul
Infatuated, I'm losing control
Infatuated, captivated
Infatuated, with you

With you,
I'm infatuated
I played the game before
And I lost too many time
Girl I don't want to play no more
And I'm about to lose my mind
Cause I'm being
would be you)
It would be you and I'm infatuated

I'm infatuated (oh woah)
So infatuated (so, oh, oh, oh)
I just can't get you out my mind
She so bad
Im infatuated
If there were bad bitch awards; She'd be nominated
The way she talk; You can tell she a different lady
I been at her ass
’Cause I'm blinded, I'm lost
Come find me, I'm yours

You cast a spell, cast a spell on me
Gave me your love, I'm infatuated
With the things you do
each and every way 
I wish that could say that I
Can give you all the stars in the sky
Cause I can't help that
(Can't help that I'm)
Infatuated by the past
Watching that old man crash
Infatuated by the sky
I haven't really a reason why
Infatuated by your love
Simple things brought
I was tastin'
A beautiful girl with relations
(So frustrated)
(Out of my brain)
(So frustrated)
No time to stop and listen
No time to stop and listen

Got you hooked
Got you hooked
Couldn't work me out couldn't work me out

I'm allergic to broke,
I'm addicted to stuntin'
I'm infatuated with hoes
And I'm in love with money,
I'm in love with money (money)
I'm in
Infatuated that b**** look just like almond joy
Infatuated wit lil zan but I like money more

Just talk to youngin he say he extorting s***
He feel in love
You know I'm so infatuated
Beautiful to the core of your soul
No contemplating
Cause I know you're the one that I want and I know
That we can be
the phone and tell you 
you're the only one
no need to test my beliefs

cuz I love to be in love with you
so infatuated
love to be in love with you
the mood, I don't know what to
But I'm so in the mood and I still don't know what I should do, do, do, do, do
I'm so infatuated, I need it right now
I'm so infatuated 
With your 
Body your figure 
And your frame yeah
I'm so infatuated 
With everything 
That comes
With you baby 

With everything
I guess we all infatuated with death
Nobody knows when they'll be taking your breath
Suicide some people taking the steps
I wonder if they laid in
Like we gon' do with that
I guarantee you I could triple that 
And I'm truly infatuated with the money
Truly infatuated with the bands 
Truly infatuated

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