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something lurking in the back of my mind
(inexplicably gone from my) my mind (inexplicably gone)
Vital information that can not be found.

I'm left here

I won't let you go
The love we share is undeniable
Irresistible, inexplicably phenomenal
Now this longing love lurks in my shadow

Your resting
this before
She’s showing me something beautiful
You change the color of my world into
Baby blue
It’s inexplicably bright, I want you
Baby blue
till five
Is it that I'm inexplicably inadequate and you're right
Do you find that I let certainty fall by the wayside
A never ending plight
How far can
around won't you?
I'm starting to feel inexplicably blue

Look at her from across the room
I dare not come near her, it looks like I fear her
But I'm just
Something inexplicably profound
What have we seen?
Something that our minds cannot conceive 

I had no master plan
But I put the power into all your hands
There it goes I said and there it went
First it seemed impossible and then it seemed
Unpreventable and then
Black Swan

Inexplicably dry

Watching you fall faster
Than I ever thought you would fall
How can you all conform
Like it's second nature to you?

Can't you
So all it took was one kiss to make this train jump the track
Inexplicably those buried feelings flooded back
He promised me forever, told me that he'd
houses from foreclosure by the golf course developers 
To whom their parents are inexplicably indentured
But they're just kids so they also like riding
inexplicably here

It's a kinda luv
Though you can't see it clearly
Without a sin
Without our skins

It's a kind of game
That I play so silently
Without you here
the height of my chest as I run by - opening a hand, I grasp it
Sometimes I wonder what kind of person sees a leaf 
Mysterious, inexplicably identified
they be singing like dadarada
Voices in my head they be singing like dadarada

Nah I don't do it inexplicably explode
Unexplainable death definitely
Everything. Everything. Everything
Let it be. Let it lead you through a stream of consciousness
Thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness inexplicably simultaneous -
And in the absence of one love
When life can seem so tough
To this I know I'm inexplicably tied
Now if I can only care for getting off in life
Then I'd be
falling with no caution downstairs

I'm just me, nothing else
Another book sitting on the shelf
Inexplicably simple
Spewing vomit from dimples
I'm clear from entering this industry, independent
On the outside lookin in it, since I see they live administered
My Enemies furious, visibly they
She predictable
She tell me that I’m irresistible
She tryna get to me
I won’t let her
I know better
She a... college girl
You ain’t gone
youre the only one I want 
Youre just so inexplicably right for me 
And I just need you
I just need you
As I post my hot mess of misery to the 'Gram
Where inexplicably it goes viral
Triggering 69 million copycat posts
Polluting streams of branded being with
would have found this little speakeasy
Hidden behind a little red door
At the end of a half-lit alley
But I was drawn to it quite inexplicably
So I went
I know that you want me
You know that you need me

I'm inexplicably good for your soul 
Like a belly that's full 
Calming nap, Comatose
Booty that
I thought I didn't need your help 
I thought I'm better than myself
But now I'm inexplicably attracted to your

Gravity, it's pulling me
Until I turn to see
What's ahead of me
More police

Bravado finally fails and I sink into submission
Putting my head down and assuming the position.

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