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Here we are at last
Light of our bright star is cast
Moving inexorably, insistently
Moving too free

Out of a hard past
Now our bright star is
Dragging all his own down into hell

The ticking of the clock
Inexorably goes on
The howling of the stray souls of heaven
The treasures of the cove
to empty street, drawn inexorably towards that cry.

      Martian: Ulla!

I saw, over the trees on Primrose Hill, the fighting machine from which
weight of blinded faith
Hideous conjuring of modern age
In exchange for theocracy

March into abysmal silence
Sealing their fate inexorably
shattering my dreams
Waking in an empty room still echoing with the screams
Writhing in this inexorably melodramatic agony
Holding it all back, just like you
We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable
as quickly

as fog does boiling in
from the inner harbour inexorably
as the thunder and beat of train wheels
flashing past a tiny country station just
a father who loves her
A father who loves her hair
Her breast is a golden bed
Made of dandelions
Made of mercury
A viral punishment upon my skin
feet out of your blood-soaked sopping boot
Bash open bones picked clean to suckle at the marrow
As your culinary milieu of options inexorably
bloodstained memories crystallized forever...

Irons and chains to degrade you - as each instant grows inexorably worse
Knifepoints and members to invade you
and highly psychotic
As, unlike an aura, it thinks for itself
Inseparable in schizoid existence
Once inexorably linked with our own

Inexorably dogging my every step, 
Their existence perceived only as some unnamable sense of fearful unease
And the occaisional glimpse of black shimmering
inexorably into position, alongside a battery of katapelte and petrobolos
The one hundred thousand strong Imperial Frontier Army, having planted their
filled my ears
An insidious resonance which sent waves of excruciating pain coursing through my mind
A sound which inexorably coalesced into
Inexorably you come to me
Each instant you're closer to me
I am death
Do you know where I'll lead you?
Are you sure
That your life will go
There exists a place
Forgotten by time
Its echo inexorably grows
In the presence of the silent giants
A clandestine entanglement
Of two worlds
Stumble inexorably
Into deafening litany
Are you asking me
Or telling me?
A mourning glory story

You were what you were always
You're what
hitherto felt compelled to deny now seems inexorably
To point to some grand and terrifying universal axiom.
It seems however, that the closer I come
the tone of his inscriptions, which
seem to suggest that in discovering this Pandora's Box of dark elucidation,
his fate was to be inexorably dogged by
and wasted blood
Only be remembered by the silent mud?
Sucked away from each infected memory
Vanishing under each gaze, inexorably?

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