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I search anyway
Break the wall of inert
Why doesn't anyone
Bleed to death?

If you have the blood
Write your name forever
Set your eyes in flames
I'm breathless, well-night, inert, like steel myself but closer kin to dirt. When John Henry swings, you bet it hurts, but I prefer blisters
Fused duodenum to esophagus
Inert maze of digestive tract
Visceral/abdominal you-turn
Diarrhea of the mouth
Broken capillaries and tissue
forlorn, inert being
on a dessert, placed
in the gloom of feelings
blown away by the searing wind
borne on the breath of hell

a being that
the first just left me feeling inert
But the contrecoup woke my feelings for you
And it left me limerent
It is I who lift up the arm of the Inert
I have gone out of Khemenu
and am no longer a living soul
I have been initiated into the hearts
Now that the bleeding is even 
The ineluctable settles inside 
To remain inert forever 
Somewhere something has died 

Capture echoes of the end

Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all, dense and inert

Its design
Still feeling her warmy blood
In contrast to her cold skin

Embracing that inert body
Feasting on entrails
Sodomizing all her cavities

Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all, dense and inert

Its design
outside yourself
And let your thoughts drain
As you go insane, insane

Inert flesh
A bloody tomb
A decorated splatter brightens the room
An execution

Not a picture in a frame nor a fresh disguise
But my other self, immobile inert and sanguine
My narcissus kisses exhale crimson breath
And pump
find ourselves in desperate need
And we look to those with privilege and power
It's then we learn compassion sits inert on their shelves

Induce, recite, summon reprise.
Bid welcome to Candarian 'Guise.

Your soul now quoshed, with blinded eyes.
Your grasp impaired
Behind dazed eyes
I can't feel anymore

within this inert season
Painful memories take hold
Shadows wind in each other
Silent figures
Bodily gases inert
Human inferno
Blazing eruption
Evaporating marrow
Spontaneous combustion

Burnt to a crisp
Your hair is singed
Devouring your
continuing to fall
Body inert, skin gray and flaccid
No response to external stimulae
EEG shows no cerebral activity

Experiment ends
Spittin' blood, endless sacrifice
Infected gore

Your body is inert
Your heart does not beat
The rats will eat your flesh
The pigs will drink
down, inert
Forcing me, dreams haunting me
I am immense, I am awake, renewed
Lost in the darkest time
I know I felt their presence
Even if I was
the matrix and sunder the inert barrier

Admire the universal cosmoses seal the virtues
And secrets
Adjure the twilights of the races 
Proclaim the symbol
and flame)
Make me your king
(He has taken to wing)
I'll take control over all power
(Tis the power inert)
Every thing's stagnant, inert and I feel so far away.
I felt sullen and depressed with thing I needed off my chest.
I've got so much more to accept,
at you 
Feel so inert it starts to hurt 
So that's your name and I tell myself 
Don't say that you're coming cause no you're not 
Don't say that you're
we have run-in's in town
Just a barely polite nod, and nervous stares towards the ground
I once joined a priest class, plastic, inert
In a slowdance

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