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lords into submission

Profane arcane writings indoctrinate the vassals
Cursing wildly their legacy

Alchemy and seances breathing life into the dead ones
and Ceremonial Charades

Predisposed, Pre-Existing Condition
Safely Ingrained Through a Facial Encryption
Inspirational Significance

Groupthink, Indoctrinate
cleansing the weak and sloth deep within I bring saviour and death  The symbolism of misanthropy It's foul nature revealed  Insane? indoctrinate - religiously
trade and push your crusade
Emancipate or indoctrinate, but the traps are all laid for any honest crusade

Your old values will fade as you struggle
Trying to indoctrinate Jah people but, (Hear me man)
When will this payday be?
When will this payday be?
Tell us this hour
When will this
to indoctrinate you

Why don't you trust me, trust me, trust me
Why don't you trust me, trust me, trust me

You trust the teachers to teach your children
hands and pray
When you got daughters, always keep 'em safe
Watch out for vipers, don't let them indoctrinate
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
""Feeding our fears corrupting our minds They indoctrinate the masses with their manipulating lies Fear of terror fear to speak out Dazed
You got me thinkin'

You are a natural selection
A full-proof rule without exception
Let me indoctrinate you
While you indoctrinate me

On the ways
Suspended in the feign, pawn to his own intentions

Still hidden in the fold
The story bought and sold
Commodified indoctrinate expendables into
I breach your life
Police your thoughts
Ask why I hate

I lose control
When I see your face
Abusing power
I infiltrate
Inspired hate controlled by endless faith
Sins washed away the bloody shores of humanity
Unholy war, mankind is blind and bleeding
Indoctrinate, shatter

This is how we play
This is how we play destroy (Play destroy)
Manipulate the girls
Indoctrinate the boys
Burn down the local Wal-Mart
The uneducated with your 
Scriptures of hate
Manipulation mastered - threat of pain
Your true intentions with
Wow, money's the church, fame is the steeple 
Everyone on the telly indoctrinate the people 
Now I say though

What you try to do to me? 
It seems
Indoctrinate the heritage of Cain
Mental devastation
All who will come back
Are turning into dehumanized wrecks
Dehumanized wrecks

All the corpses
Wow, money's the church, fame is the steeple 
Everyone on the telly indoctrinate the people 
Now I say though

What you try to do to me? 
It seems
indoctrinate young, hit the freight trains for guns
Drive 'em up from Indiana or Tennessee with the 'Bamas
And blue police camera's sit high like gargoyles
Deadly as 10 droplets of Ricin toxin
From every angle the competition gets boxed in
Its Dr. see indoctrinates his doctrine
Translate the English
We'll feed you with nonsense until you can't choose
What's being right or watch being wrong
Indoctrinate you with a sing-a-long

Torrential reign for power, obeisance to their King
Consuming greed from nobles - Indoctrinate!
Bow down to their feet! Pay reverence to their land!
faith in the wife
I got the Holy Bible to indoctrinate my mind
I got Uncle Arthur preaching chapter and verse
There is Methodism in my madness
And it's
Rejected by the ones who live the lie
They've failed to indoctrinate
Harass and lie, commiting mental homicide
A plague Exterminate
They've crossed
right now, what difference would there be?
Just another set of bigots with their rifle-sights on me

Will you indoctrinate the masses to serve your new

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