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Sick Individuals  


He was a mean individual
He had a heart like a bone
He was a naturally crazy man
And better off left alone

Well he stopped one night
She want the Team Glo
She heard that I'm single
She wanna pull up
She wanna mingle
You a dope individual
But don't talk my lingo
Run around like
I'm a crunk individual
Likely down here in the south
Already know what we bout
Steadily holding it down down
I'm a crunk individual
Likely down here
never look
Back and when the feeling came back
I just understood that was my nook
No cranny imma niche individual 
Imma need an individual to cease
upon my head
I'll always be this way 'till the day that I'm dead

'Cause I'm a sick individual
And I'm doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want,
I went to the Christian's house to learn about Christ 
And I...
I found an individual there
I went to the Atheist's house to recite
an unlimited individual
You know that we be killing it killing it
I play the game and winning it, winning it
Cause I’m an unlimited individual
Give me a minute
the whole world how hip-hop is suppose to be

I'm a ill lyricist
The realist nigga killings this
I'm a physical individual 
Lyrically minded and visual
Yea, i'm asexual,
A sexually frustrated individual,
Yea, i'm asexual,
A sexually frustrated individual,
Yea, i'm asexual,
A sexually frustrated
And do you know

You're a sexy sexy individual
You're an out of town original
You're a sexy sexy individual
And I know you know that you're beautiful

飼い慣れされた 群れのMajority
厭世という 殻のMinority
何を選び 何を手放し
なんてちっぽけなPower Game
pretty lies

So I kept my
Hand upon some 3 dollar bills
And wasted my
Time with individual thrills
Individual thrills

Took a hit on Tuesday
They don't believe me, oof my fault
My phone's going off again oh oh!

I'm a targeted Individual
And I can see everything in the world
Why are they,
individual, I have ever met
I'm the bravest individual, I have ever met

This game makes very good sense, I get results isn't that great
Get back my confidence
Descarga tu manera aunque no sea con baile 
Y ante lo malo ponte a cantar, ay ay 

Yo soy individual, y eso no va a cambiar mientras pueda pensar
Individuals run for cover,
For the multitudes of thoughtless clones have reached a critical mass,
Individuals hide in fear, under cover,
Some say they crazy really lazy individuals
I can't be no one else cause I too original
Doctors say I'm crazy paranoid and delusional
Look through my
Big time stunna
Do what I wanna
I’m so irreplaceable
I do it like no other
Yea i’m that nigga
Ain’t nobody sicka
Do it like no other
Or any
Esto es algo personal
No lo valla a comentar
A tus amiguitas
No se lo valla a mencionar
Algo a lo profesional
Algo muy individual
Esta noche tu
2020 2020
2020 Visual that's the pinnacle
Unpredictable individuals
Irresistible, inexplicable
Some political, some are chemical
2020 Visual that's
A creative individual is seeking normalcy

The embarrassment and humiliation with every mocking
word is almost to much for her to bare
creeps rejected the status quo,
Today they smarm and charm passageways to its very heart.
Where's the free individual in all that?
Where's the hope
Some individuals easily reach their pinnacle
Those that reach it act mythical that's kinda typical
If i don't reach my pinnacle then i'll get cynical
That vibe slime don't float
Sordid assortment of sorrey sarty savvy sarry sorry individuals
What? Dih-dih
Is that language, yeah


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