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To indict my movement and location
Would the battle be lost?

You can watch the tape
You can try to hit your spots
But don't do it for
I think a nigga phone tapped
Wanna give me time for my old raps
Indict me for my own raps
I think a nigga phone tapped
I think a nigga phone tapped
I think a nigga phone tapped
Wanna give me time for my old raps
Indict me for my own raps
I think a nigga phone tapped
I think a nigga phone
I just pray to God, them crackers don't come indite me
I know if I go to jail, you prolly never write me
I be thinkin' like, "None these bitches
possessed by the spite, woeful irrelevance
So quick to ignite, impulse to indict, defense for incompetence
For what it's worth, it was over before it began

Indict the blameless
Transparent designs
Pathetic and shameless
A legend in his own mind, enthroned by lies
A cheap Machiavelli
cultural differences
But there's no way to justify these barbaric practices
Foreign culture easy to indict
Does not the same terror rule our streets each
indict me
Niggas sendin' threats and shit, I don't take it lightly
Fuck them haters, really
Count this money up, excite me

Run up that money, them
You wait for her

Frankie and Johnny were lovers alright
And the tempered scale of experience
Cannot forever indict
Two hearts looking
of Commons of the Presbyterian Royalists,
Leaving behind only the Rump Parliament

Which appointed a High Court at Westminster Hall
To indict Charles I for
ain't even tripping 

cause I know these hoes don't like me 

And every fucking day the feds out to indict me 

But I ain't going out on know
is covered in New York snow,
Covered in New York Snow.

A broken ring is all they have,
They never could indict me.
And though my brave detective
(passion ignites) you been movin�
(movers move on) much too fast
(soldiers must fight) shakin� me up--move to indict
We�re bound
she gave flat denial
For assault she did indict me and I was sent for trial
She swore he'd robbed her house
In spite of all her screechin'
I got six
to indict
Blame is merely in the eye of the beholder

Perhaps the time is right to look yourself in the eye
Take inventory of the world you see around you
Paul I Gots a light
One in the head, Stop ya life
Huh, my niggas stay on the block/
Slingin' them rocks/ until the Cops (indict?)
Ya heard

under God
Real niggas gettin' money from the fucking start

These motherfuckers mad that I'm icy
Stunt so hard make 'em come indict me
I think I'm
you need, got the weed
I'm a bad lil bitch and I never indict her
Get locked, I'mma write ya
You on the road? I'mma skype ya
I don't wanna hype ya
want to indict
Bet you shit is right, got my daisies
Goin' crazy, the 20 ways you laid me, uh
Now come and bathe me, want to get high
Take this
me, strike me
Indict me, snipe it, swipe it, rapper, trapper
I'm lit, lightning, white bitch, she thick
Pulled out of the hood Toyota
Drove back
I don't care,
Man, that's pant of the system, I'm punk,
But who's gonna indict the Wall Street Journal, just me and Bob Ray,
It's just part
Know you want me bad
Think I give a fuck
Better indict me now
Before price go up
Came in the world thuggin' leaving with big nuts
Yeah I run
seven point six twos
Deer-hunting rifle shells, life is hell
Pussy sweeter than wine tasting
But we won't self-indict ourselves
Be our own prosecutor,
Redneck ass judge who'd rather watch a nigga hang
Than indict what's white, not right, fuck a news feed
Black men got the same needs as the Jews need

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