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10,000 years of unraisable acts
And permanent facts
The record of my
Unspeakable crimes
In previous lives
This indefensible space won't keep us together 
This indefensible space will keep us down 
These four walls are everything 
I blu tack my life to them
Everything that was said
Was indefensible in my head
An ill-conceived attempt
I felt dread, self-validation
Not place it all on the bed that we
a fucking invisible, indefensible, despicable difficult prick, a little bit unpredictable
I spit the formidable, that you're bitches are fucking with
of time on the tradition, of combustion 
Ignition, propulsion, put MC's on expulsion 
The principle, your academics inadmissible 
You're indefensible, my
and dreamers

Watch 'em all deny
The undeniable
See how they refute
The unrefutable
They're ready to defend
The indefensible
High times for lawyer schemers

of time on the tradition, of combustion 

Ignition, propulsion, put MC's on expulsion 
The principle, YOUR academics inadmissiable 
You're indefensible
can manage our way out of here.
Let's stop defending the indefensible.
Let's stop relying on
The lecturing of the experts
Whose spin just makes our
Indefensible the weight of all our odds
But together we'll survive, just never sever ties
We could rise to a brilliance, rise to a balance
Rise to a way
The way we are is truly incomprehensible
Back to the drawing board
Start all over again

Madly, we loved you madly
We would have gladly
entrenched opinions,
On the border of arrogance,
Dug in against the compromise.
A position indefensible; your actions illogical.
You're speaking in
Culminate in the sense of a violin
You get the indefensible choice to select an
Epic power couple like David Beckham
With this girl, you gotta go
But these political criminals got this country looking miserable
It's indefensible the way they used to crack that bull whip
Then wash they sins
in colors with crayons of grey
Lies and harassment
Cannot paint in colors with crayons of grey
Indefensible filth
The world is overfed
invincible, indispensable
Pent up anger leading to the indefensible
So I put my fences up, cynical, but there I go again
But I’m lost, maybe I should find a new
You are alone, drowning in self-defeat, decomposing
You are alone, alone, alone, welcome home 
Can't have it both ways
Woo-hoo-hooo, HUH?
When I'm drunk I'll bite back, yeah
And what you say is indefensible, honey
It's the same old issues
of the indefensible wrongs
Accrued with every passing day 
Chanting with the insurrectional throngs
And hoping things will fall in place 
They'll fall in place
I came up and I saw your indivisible face
How can you habitate this indefensible space
I gotta admit I got a little uneasy
There's a look in your
alone, wallowing in self-defeat (Indefensible)
You are alone, drowning in self-defeat (Decomposing)
You are alone, alone, alone, welcome home 
the puzzle
Life is inflexible
Looking for pieces
While indefensible
Most come to terms
Despite all their yearns
But some have upturns
some people
Indefensible pensive with no sense in him
Defy time to rhyme mine my lines got no tense in 'em
Tepid-toed temperatures step in the do' reppin' this
Five six I
seems that we're dispensable
Our lives have been so indefensible

But Jan would fly off in a whale
To find the truth and watch our species fail
around and never leaves

I'm going to get what I deserve
Unloved for reasons that I can't fight against
I'm indefensible
The truth on its own time rarely

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