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I'm a realist
I'm a romantic
I'm an indecisive piece of shit
(I'm an indecisive)

I'm a realist
I'm a romantic
I am indecisive and that's
(Ay Rvssian)

Usually I'm indecisive
But tonight, me sure sure
And babe, you know me way past like it (know me like it), yeah
Me love a likkle
still indecisive
And she want me to wife it
But I'm undecided

I know I shouldn't be doing this, but here we go again
Girl, you know that pussy is my
I can't stand when you're so indecisive
Make up your mind so I can escape

When I hold you close there's nobody home
I can hear every heartbeat
indecisive (wow)
Post and delete, (wow)
Post and delete, (yeah, wow)
Post and delete

Hey little mama you trippin' (trippin')
I ain't really with that
Walking past money on the floor
Please don't go

I know you want me, but you're indecisive
Head in the clouds, you captain, I'll be pilot
I know you
(Mustard on the beat, ho)

I'm sorry that I did you wrong (you wrong)
I'm indecisive, I don't know what I want (what I want)
It's really hard
Vuittons, got her self some Louis Vuittons
Not indecisive, indecisive at all
She know what she looking for
Got herself some Louis Vuittons

When you
im indecisive i fucking hate you no i dont dont know if i love you but i dont want to be alone again you're indecisive you change your plans and its
then you'll be alright

I will pay the price of being so damn indecisive
You will pay the price of being so damn indecisive
I will pay the price
to live for
Permissible! Susceptible!
Hybrid conspiracies were deemed for failure
Entrails of indecisive rule. Indecisive rule

For we are all slaves from
You ever had a girl who's just indecisive
And like no matter what you do
You just can't make them happy
Well that's what this is about
I, I never call you
And we both know that's a lie
I'm changing my decision
And it happens all the time
I'm indecisive
I can't make up my mind

And yes
every day and begins to shape her tomb

It's not a life to live if there's not love within

She's such an indecisive murderer of the boyish grin
I plea for your compliance
But your too indecisive

I despise the sun for it
Kisses you upon your skin

Of your skin i'm envious cuz
It could never
of my zone

Wanted to leave you alone

You left me so indecisive 

I couldn't make up my mind I

Wondered if I crossed your mind

You left me so
once we disregard the indecisive

Solo: Chrism

On the verge of the final horizon 
Movements within the confines of the space 
Once deemed indivisible
indecisive of me
All this coming in and out of my life
Got me going in and out of my mind
It's like my heart don't know how to decide

Can't live with you
a tantrum cause a scene
all my, all my broken promises
girl, i swear i never lied to you
just changed my mind, cause that's what we do

indecisive, you don't
They got me frustrated, indecisive and power trippin'
Sour emotions got me lookin' at the universe different
I should distance myself, I should
Eenie meenie miney mo
Catch a bad chick by her toe
If she holla
If-if, if she holla, let her go

She's indecisive, she can't decide
She keeps
Eenie meenie miney mo
Catch a bad chick by her toe
If she holla
If-if, if she holla, let her go

She's indecisive, she can't decide
She keeps
They can't decide, they keep switching majors
Being indecisive makes me anxious
Call your number and it's out of service
Who can I call for your
And two is a company, three is a crowd
One keeps me grounded, and one in the clouds
Contradicting the things I thought I knew
So indecisive, don't know

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