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the [indecipherable word(s)] is in the house
When you?re drinkin? in the back
At the bar, buggin? out
Then you?re trippin? on the band tryin? to figure it out
And you
the prophecy!!!

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: same voice as interlude]
All the voices of the dark
Do you wish to take my sin?
of paracetamol won't sort out
I'm actually very cross right now
So I am going to gently encourage you
Holy heck
Ooh wah ah ah ah
Gosh darn
Enforce the laws
[something indecipherable]

Replace the forest
With concrete and steel
To the darkness
With my [a] shadow [something indecipherable
An unforgiving, indecipherable sensation leads me to an idea
A feeling, an obsession, what if this is but a small part of existence?
Born unable
Dead waiter

You make me
You make me zomb'
You make me zombie
You make me completely invincible
You make me completely indecipherable
The cat it starts to wail
What's it telling me?
There's writing on the wall
Rattling my eyes
Rattling my core

Super charged fuelled
Pointing comparability
Confirming unknown

Corrupted minds who act for self
Logic seeds born as life
Pods [plants] from the [something indecipherable
And then you got to blow, you know what we got

Use your thing so carefully and don't be a total loss
Sister, when you love your
[Indecipherable French grunting]
me down, tie me on down.
Let me go home, I will never go away no more, oh let me come home, oh let me go down.

[Indecipherable grunting]
and my joy
You are my sister, mother and child
You are everything to this boy.

Do not leave me... my love.
Now you are my lynn (indecipherable)
Niggaz start to loke out, a kid got choked out
Blows was thrown and a fucking fight broke out

[Music stops, indecipherable sounds of people yelling
and wash him away
Sister Indecipherable is talking to a wall
Back in New York City, she's a queen
Resurrect or genuflect
She saves the ones she can't
pie) which no one hears
The king's hat fits over their ears
He takes his modicate (indecipherable) cold turpentine
He tries to dial out 999999999
were now on display for all the world!
And aghast! The bone that held up your self image
Is not homosapien, it's of an indecipherable origin
I wonder where it is
She sits there...
Wondering, wandering
What happened to our heart?
It decides, I walk towards her
unlocks part of your mind
which you really don't want to find

(the rest is indecipherable)
[Repeat: x4]
(the rain)
Running from the rain

Indecipherable whispers this is what I got

I need to get them out.
It's the right time to crash is it
keep happening?
I try to close my eyes but I can't blink
And the world keeps moving on
Black and white blur into one

Hieroglyphic, indecipherable
We be laughing, we no joke
She be splashing, She be soaked
I'm her Captain, She my Coke
We go fast and we go slow 
Yea we go slow
Power money fame sex in the mix 
All of the above tell me how could you forget 
Wanted every one nothing more nothing less
I ain't
I ran, I ran

[something indecipherable]
to follow
You gotta go underground
If he's to be found
When should you follow (? Indecipherable)

Who's that hunky, funky, junky
Pickin on the bad

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