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Its too dark in hear 
As the demons feed upon me 
I want to disappear 

Sinister, their agenda 
Ruthless, inauspicious 
Smiling, they're defenseless
We can't go on like this no

...and all this because of greed

Now it's time to perceive our inauspicious oversight
and repetitive my thoughts have now become
I've no control over my past, nor my present
So my future now seems so inauspicious
I will be this til I can no longer
removes inauspicious qualities, who fulfils every wish
Who is the leader of the Gana army
Who is the embodiment of the primordial 'Aum' principle
going up there and talking to her
Is like a business deal with an entrepreneur
Inauspicious, infelicitous
Conflicting feelings of ambivalence
But hey, it
potion and spirit
I'm passing, now clear it, and motion your ear-es on these inauspicious lyrics
Don't be muy slow, everybody all in on it that you know
to an inauspicious start

Looking through the lens of antiquity
Clouds rolled across an angry sky he showed no pity
We went our separate ways for the next generation
those reservations
You claim “It was inauspicious from the start”
And that you only joined in to play your part
You claim he probably lacked interest
Inauspicious and terrible arrive of the dark moon
Insurrection of the real warriors of black priest
Reflected in the black pupils of our eyes
inauspicious nowadays
While I'm poppin' out, from out the South (Out the South)
忍者 Seen you talkin' out yo mouth
Get you popped
What it mean when you an opp
don't really wanna know
If it's been me all along
I don't wanna know

It gets so boring to always hear you talk
Inauspicious cunt, yeah, they think they
Transgalactic attack
Inauspicious superweapon, Sinister and black
Installed in the open crack
Thermal oscillator, Accumulates a vast discharge

Massive streams
Product of my breeding
Inauspicious shapes
Formed by depravity
Abnegation of my past

Resigning, ireful
Watching the depopulation
Nefarious fate
Inauspicious hope
The miserious end
Corpsed the lives that follow
Acid froze the sacrificed line

The stench of the shadows consume
you through?

Born into a dearth of sound
In an inauspicious town
Where such success can become
So suspicious
Can a man not be judged
By the sweat
See the inauspicious coming, fear the infernal chaos rise

Oppressed by the urge to reign
Wheels of bones on a road of flesh

inauspicious moments lost in the abyss
Of time tonight
I'm sinking into your fears to velvet skies of your eyes

I search falling in dream lands fragile
crumble to the disco floor upon an inauspicious moon
Asking why can't I cut this rope in two?
Find justice through this impending doom

So long my
Sinfulness, imperiousness, wickedness, unscrupulousness
Manipulation, execution, inauspicious disillusion

Tumbling down the endless gulch

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